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  1. @grmpyoldman yes, when @tobias replies to someone from Friendica the dent is sent to exactly that SN instance, but not other. #

    about 11 months ago from
  2. # that there is a !TIL !fedgroup. ☺

    about a year ago from at 42°45'55"N 71°28'3"W Repeated by erkanyilmaz
  3. # that there is a !TIL !fedgroup. ☺

    about a year ago from at 42°45'55"N 71°28'3"W
  4. # of !Vim koans: - lovely.

    Saturday, 16-Mar-13 20:57:07 UTC from at 55°23'45"N 10°23'17"E
  5. @gameboy121 @nickonimura !iowabronies # that apparently I'm the boring person who learns about organization rather than friendship. Guess I'll be stuck holding the clipboard at the next Winter Wrap-Up.

    Monday, 01-Aug-11 01:04:43 UTC from web in context
  6. !iowabronies # how there are other bronies out there around Iowa and I became friends with them. Friendship, truely is magic.

    Sunday, 31-Jul-11 03:54:32 UTC from web in context
  7. !iowabronies # how great it is to meet up with people with a common interest, especially ponies. Friendship is always Magic.

    Sunday, 31-Jul-11 00:58:47 UTC from web
  8. !iowabronies # that there's no such thing as too obvious when it comes to attracting the attention of fellow bronies for a meetup.

    Saturday, 30-Jul-11 23:30:05 UTC from web
  9. @thelastgherkin # that Equestria girls are pony fabulous.

    Thursday, 26-May-11 17:02:57 UTC from web in context


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