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  1. Bit of # in the morning. Spent the afternoon catching up on recreational reading. Oh for more days like this.

    Friday, 23-Jan-15 05:12:16 UTC from
  2. doleed off with # again. Failed (with ability to to resubmit) on a technicality for a dinky assignment which just required summarising. Suppose if the work's so futile and simple, you can only grade by pedantry. More pointless # for my summer holiday. Yay.

    Thursday, 18-Dec-14 06:48:14 UTC from
  3. Last day to withdraw from # on Monday, so I considered my other options. To # in a mail room now, you need a Cert IV in Business Administration. #

    Friday, 07-Nov-14 23:52:24 UTC from
  4. It's ironic that, as a student, it's tempting to think like a # administrator and dismiss reading as not being proper # And then you fail to account for it in estimating how long an essay will take to write.

    Wednesday, 27-Aug-14 07:29:49 UTC from
  5. Another mini-rant, while I avoid # #

    Tuesday, 22-Jul-14 05:44:17 UTC from
  6. "Are you doing the thing?" What thing? "This thing, here." Am I supposed to? "That's what I'm asking." Well I don't know. "So who does the thing?" Me? Not me? I didn't even know it was a thing! "Can you do the thing?" I guess... but how? "By doing it." Doing what? "The thing." . . . . #

    Friday, 18-Jul-14 17:42:47 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  7. # in progress, but it's for tomorrow morning.

    Friday, 11-Jul-14 23:24:59 UTC from at 32°58'59"N 49°7'59"E
  8. Bug I've been tearing my hair out over for weeks turns out to be a munged database on my testing server. Grrr. #

    Thursday, 19-Jun-14 05:09:23 UTC from
  9. @nybill Of course this will take me setting up all my ssh keys and VPS settings... #

    Tuesday, 13-May-14 01:15:25 UTC from in context
  10. @ruben This is why I have always advocated drinking at #

    Wednesday, 30-Apr-14 06:56:11 UTC from in context
  11. Motherkiwiers HIDE! Motherdoleing people mothergrapesing hide in the shadows when the bus approaches! That's the only possible explanation! You can't accidentally blend so perfectly with the night. kiwiing BATMAN can't accidentally blend so perfectly with the night! D:< # #

    Thursday, 13-Mar-14 03:39:04 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  12. AUGH! applesing PEOPLE!! Passengers not watching for their stop, people only saying part of the street name so I think they just mean the city the street is named after, people choosing not to get off at the stop to transfer to the next bus they need then looking at me like "Well what now?" apples you, that's what now! papayas YOU!! I am just your driver, not your gorram tour guide! I'll help if & when I can, but man I can't map out a multiple bus cross county ride for you on the fly, and it isn't my job to try! Get a goddamn taxi if you can't figure out the bus system! Bum a ride from a friend! Hitchhike! WALK, even, I don't care. Just don't make my night any papayastier than it already is by default. # #

    Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 05:03:38 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  13. @theru # is often not good for # and #

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 09:26:52 UTC from
  14. Motivationally challenged today. I could use some of @tregeagle's # ethic.

    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 23:08:15 UTC from in context
  15. The "every piece of corrugated iron in # must be replaced after every hailstorm" law is applied to the # on the 1st day this week I try to # from home. Tradies go bang, crash, whirr…

    Wednesday, 05-Feb-14 22:21:28 UTC from in context
  16. # has left with my # satchel on the back seat of the car. Guess that makes today a holiday.

    Wednesday, 29-Jan-14 22:35:40 UTC from
  17. Finally worked out how to get # working through composite cable for initial configuration. Now sitting happily in server cabinet. I achieved something! #

    Thursday, 19-Dec-13 00:19:49 UTC from in context Repeated by kuro
  18. My goodness! How does anybody set up a #/#LDAP PDC without a walkthrough cheat sheet? #

    Thursday, 19-Dec-13 04:16:13 UTC from in context
  19. Finally worked out how to get # working through composite cable for initial configuration. Now sitting happily in server cabinet. I achieved something! #

    Thursday, 19-Dec-13 00:19:49 UTC from in context
  20. Monday. A slew of new email in my 'support@' inbox. Despite being officially retired, I am never going to get off this treadmill. #

    Sunday, 15-Dec-13 22:29:55 UTC from
  21. There is an eerily consistent correlation between the kind of # I'm doing on any particular day, and the desire to # myself stupid.

    Wednesday, 11-Dec-13 00:33:21 UTC from
  22. Right. Finding some compatibility problems with modern # and legacy # #

    Tuesday, 26-Nov-13 23:26:22 UTC from
  23. # # today and tomorrow. God, I've missed this feeling of gut-wrenching anxiety and hopelessness.

    Monday, 25-Nov-13 00:18:18 UTC from
  24. @panda A # dev studying # in order to # in # is like an airline pilot getting a forklift drivers licence. This town is dreadful.

    Monday, 18-Nov-13 22:22:05 UTC from at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  25. Doing a non-trivial # 6 to 7 upgrade. Oh, my! Pondering how long it will be before I can reasonably skive off to the pub. #

    Monday, 11-Nov-13 23:54:56 UTC from
  26. The 1990s # "productivity surge" is a result of wage slaves working harder and longer for no extra income. # #

    Thursday, 03-Oct-13 23:55:30 UTC from at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  27. Now avoiding # by trying to get StatusNet queue daemons working in order to fix the perennial "server overloaded" error messages. …Which to the naked eye looks remarkably like work.

    Friday, 27-Sep-13 01:29:26 UTC from at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  28. Nothing makes a man so # as # - George Bernard Shaw !q

    Thursday, 26-Sep-13 12:43:40 UTC from
  29. The # beard is growing back. Installed # from on my # computer at So easy!

    Thursday, 26-Sep-13 06:04:39 UTC from in context
  30. I got this info about the "bee law" from a # and he also told me that he hears when his staff gets # and knows when they # or not. And he also told they have no idea that he also reads their # pages (indicating that he also # them there) :-( cc @question

    Wednesday, 25-Sep-13 13:23:41 UTC from in context