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  • Rarity Fan Club rarity Rarity Fan Club http://www.rainbowdash.net/group/rarity

    Join here darlings, for a fabulous time.

  • Pacific Northwest Bronies pnwbronies Pacific Northwest Bronies Pacific Northwest

    A group for all the bronies living in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia & Northern California! Come join us!

  • Impatient, Super-critical Sports Fan Ponies sportponies Impatient, Super-critical Sports Fan Ponies Worldwide

    Ponies who like to talk about sports. Whatever sport floats your boat, this group is here to chat about the latest results, fixtures and rumours.

  • Writers of Pony writers Writers of Pony Internets

    Write a story for the herd? Post the link, talk about your story, get ideas and feedback. Or hey, even if you don't write fanfics, might as well see what people have written, right? (Though, please label your fics people. Tell us if you're giving a FluttershyxBloomberg clopfic)

  • XKCD bronies! xkcd XKCD bronies! http://xkcd.com

    We like pony. And math.

  • Fillydelphia Radio fillyradio Fillydelphia Radio http://www.fillydelphiaradio.net
  • Bronies from Seattle seattlebronies Bronies from Seattle Seattle, Washington, United States

    Bronies who hail from the Emerald City and the surrounding area.