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  1. @hackermo @zep  https://Fluffle

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    • @hackermo @zep wat

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      • @djsumdog they're using violence because they're winning and there's no consequences. That asshole who was clobbering people with a metal bike lock got off despite overwhelming photographic proof that it was him.

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        • @dirb 1/5th agree with you

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          • @geoipfinder @zep wat

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            • @profispojka This is at work.

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              • https://Potato

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                • @roko everything ok?

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                  • Facebook is really convenient for socializing but you can find events and meet people just by going outside. My local bookstore has a bulletin board that tells me about all kinds of events.

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                    • I admit that Facebook makes all these things substantially easier, though.

                      For me quitting Facebook wasn't exactly a choice either, it was driving me crazy and I had to leave for my mental health. So I'm distanced from people who choose to quit for social or political reasons.

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                  • @ultimape no driving, that's rough.

                    I'm glad I know you through the Fediverse but yeah computer socialization isn't a total substitute for AFK socialization...

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                    • Quitting Github, that's a little harder. People get jobs from contributing.

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                    • @ultimape That is a good point, I did not think about it from the standpoint of a business owner.

                      I have experienced the "now I don't get invited to a bunch of parties since I quit Facebook and people forgot I exist" I think it's a big problem but I still don't see it as a privilege argument. You actually kind of lose privilege if you don't or can't use Facebook.

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                      • @ultimape 
                        > How does he respond to the argument that without viable alternatives, walking away from Facebook or social media more generally is a privilege?

                        I can't tell for sure if this is true or if it's a covert argument for retaining the status quo. I have successfully walked away from Facebook. It had costs associated with it but largely it didn't matter. I'm having a hard time putting it into a privilege frame. You miss out on some social interaction, but chances are it didn't prevent you from getting a job or make you lose your kids in divorce court or something like that. 

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                        • when you finish a long project and you're sitting there thinking "ok, what now?"

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                        • @awg the day before yesterday I've seen this majestic avian feeding live, and walked past it, it was a meter away from me.

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                        • >The Israeli government wants to know your location

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                          •  I didn't ask youtube for this

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                            >A mysterious fog plunged Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia into darkness, day and night—for 18 months. "For the sun gave forth its light without brightness, like the moon, during the whole year," wrote Byzantine historian Procopius. Temperatures in the summer of 536 fell 1.5°C to 2.5°C, initiating the coldest decade in the past 2300 years. Snow fell that summer in China; crops failed; people starved. The Irish chronicles record "a failure of bread from the years 536–539." Then, in 541, bubonic plague struck the Roman port of Pelusium, in Egypt. What came to be called the Plague of Justinian spread rapidly, wiping out one-third to one-half of the population of the eastern Roman Empire and hastening its collapse, McCormick says.

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                          • Coinbase's USDC token really is using the most basic ERC-20 spec, it doesn't have any frills at all like transferAndCall, which can make smart contract handling of tokens easier. Not a huge problem, just annoying.

                            I also peeked at the alleged source code and it has functions for "pausing" all transfers, also can blacklist accounts.


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                            • virgin mastodon still lacks audio and gifs

                              it's confirmed, eugen hates the hampster dance

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                            • dtluna is gone

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                            • @josemanuel @detectivehyde don't forget the bus smells.

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                              • The most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Flat UI Design, in two acts.

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                              • @reggiehathaway kicked off twitter for promoting race mixing smdh

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                                • @mono @rw @animeirl its not different and you're right about centralization. but i think the token has utility.

                                  full reserve.

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                                  • @mono @moonman @animeirl they're called stablecoins. provides liquidity and volume for low cost global transfers.
                                    instead of wiring for 30 bucks you can use a stable coin to retain value

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                                  • @mono @animeirl it's not for speculation, you might pay a conversion fee to pay for a service that only takes usdtoken, as if it were paypal or something like that.

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                                    • Wondering how KYC rules will shake out with this token, I am next going to try to send the tokens back to myself, and put it back into my bank account to see if it makes me answer questions.

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