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  1. @fialvert # I'm only surprised he wasn't thinking of bringing mewzs back to life # Heh, yeah. That Dishonesty fellow certainly is a has been... or should I say a never been.

    Thursday, 28-Apr-11 20:06:34 UTC from web in context
  2. @fialvert # I'm surprised Fial wasn't interested at Scourge's power bring ponies back to life. # Dishonesty is naturally annoying, I suppose. He thought he could trick me by posing as Tigerstar.

    Thursday, 28-Apr-11 19:57:52 UTC from web in context
  3. @mysteriousstranger # dammit # I don't believe that you are Tigerstar. Appear before!

    Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 00:37:06 UTC from web in context
  4. @manfredvonkarma # mfw... # Are you freaking joking?

    Monday, 25-Apr-11 22:37:16 UTC from web in context
  5. @frostflow # Well, Scourge wanted to go for a walk anyways. # *walks outside, inspecting his surroundings*

    Monday, 25-Apr-11 12:36:28 UTC from web in context