1. !tes !vgp Does anyone else remember #? And how there were only, like, three NPCs that the game considered to be "essential"; how, even though they were essential, the game would still let you kill them, and it would just give you a message saying "hey, that guy was really important, you might want to load an old save if you want to actually finish the main quest"; how it would let you keep playing even after killing them, and how there were still other ways to finish the main quest without them? Wasn't that just the most amazing thing ever, not to mention really fantastic game design? || In other news, I'm kind of annoyed with # at the moment. Can't imagine why.

    Monday, 09-Jan-12 02:58:09 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    1. @puzzlemint Clicking my recently used # tag, I saw this post. And I have to agree with you. Morrowind is best !TES game. Skyrim is good, but nowhere near Morrowind.

      Monday, 09-Jan-12 23:44:07 UTC from web