1. ATTENTION! # They fixed @#Derpy's eyes in the premier. #

    Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:13:07 UTC from web
    1. @oracle WHAT ABOUT DERPY?!

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:18:08 UTC from web
    2. @oracle I couldn't find my ward's sign up sheet an was annoyed today. Later!

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:20:54 UTC from web
    3. @pony in real life, if we had a 100% guaranteed way to fix anyone's eyes for exhibiting the same malfunction as derpy's, I don't think thousands of strangers would be lining up to protest the surgery. It's actually almost immoral and selfish for fans to demand a character to remain in a commonly understood state of disabled, all for the sake of a very unwarranted sense of fan ownership.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:22:05 UTC from web
      1. @prettypurpleprincesspublicprincesstimeline They ought to have an episode about that

        Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:27:31 UTC from web
    4. @pony She looks normal and I think that's just fine. maybe she can be a bat though...

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:23:06 UTC from web
      1. @awlderpy heeh bat derpy is cute

        Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:27:10 UTC from web
    5. @pony No, they didn't fix her eyes. That wasn't Derpy in that shot.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:25:30 UTC from web
      1. @clayinthecarpet who was it?? do you have a screen shot or link?

        Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:28:00 UTC from web
      2. @clayinthecarpet here you go #

        Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:53:43 UTC from web
        1. @pony Yes, I know. That's not Derpy. I can't remember the pony's name at the moment, but it's NOT Derpy. Her hair is orange and she uses the Derpy body/mane/tail type.

          Monday, 25-Nov-13 01:56:17 UTC from web
          1. @clayinthecarpet Orange box?? I dunno.. that seems like a fan cop-out for off lighting. She even has the same cutie mark #

            Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:07:08 UTC from web
            1. @pony Well, Photo Finish had Twilight's cutie mark at one point. That isn't conclusive enough for me until somebody from the studio confirms it. I just don't think the guys at Studio B would put Derpy in a shot without her signature eyes. They have been doing that since the beginning, so why would they stop now?

              Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:15:45 UTC from web
              1. @clayinthecarpet yeah. They're still trolls for giving us such a similar background pony.

                Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:22:27 UTC from web
    6. @oracle At this point, I won't believe it until DHX/Studio B confirms it.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:19:30 UTC from web
    7. @oracle in-betweening is not for "low lifes" thank you very much. It's very important and time-consuming, if you mess up in-betweens the animation looks wrong.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:20:13 UTC from web
    8. @oracle I'm sorry what did you just say about inbetweeners?

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:20:56 UTC from web
    9. @oracle > doesn't animate very much if at all > claims to know anything about animation

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:21:48 UTC from web
    10. @oracle You gotta start somewhere.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:21:54 UTC from web
    11. @oracle Why would I give you half a painting, and we weren't talking about painting, we were talking about you degrading animators when you don't do it yourself.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:23:21 UTC from web
    12. @oracle calm down

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:25:22 UTC from web
    13. @oracle Dude, you're the one who put yourself down to begin with.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:26:29 UTC from web
    14. @oracle Sit down and breathe, mang.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:27:01 UTC from web
    15. @vt3c I can dig it.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:27:14 UTC from web
    16. @oracle No, you're just upset with your current status in what you do with animation for some reason (I think it's pretty cool) and you need to stop being so self-hating about it.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:28:37 UTC from web
    17. @oracle But it's still important and you should feel good about that, right?

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:29:57 UTC from web
    18. @oracle Then respect the position and stop putting yourself and your animation job down. Cartoons and animations wouldn't look decent enough to watch without what you do, and that's just facts.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:31:30 UTC from web
      1. @clayinthecarpet Completely true. Inbetweens make a cartoon flow. Which reminds me that I should probably put my walk cycle on Youtube

        Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:32:18 UTC from web
        1. @scoot You should

          Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:37:08 UTC from web
          1. @mrmattimation It's got a few problems though, the dude's leg gets a little shorter on one of the contacts, I need to fix that

            Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:37:53 UTC from web
    19. @oracle Not a problem I'm concerned with, honestly. Derpy has been Derpy since forever, and instantly recognizable. I won't. Believe. Anything. About. That. Appearance. Until. Studio B. Or DHX. Confirms. It. Moving on now.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:33:18 UTC from web
    20. @oracle Do you charge?

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:34:05 UTC from web
    21. @oracle Yeah, that seems to be the general issue, everyone (including myself) is busy with school

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:38:55 UTC from web
    22. @oracle Anywho, thanks for informing me. Currently not in dire need of help so it's nothing to worry about.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:40:10 UTC from web
    23. @oracle Adobe CS3 and above have special registration servers. You can only use a key once, unless you de-registered the creative suite before hand, so you'll have to use a keygen or something. That's never been an issue for me because I use CS2/Studio 8.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:44:28 UTC from web
    24. @oracle It sucks, but yeah, unfortunately you do have to find a keygen.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:46:45 UTC from web
    25. @oracle Heh, good luck. The last time Adobe cared about what their customers thought, they bought Macromedia to get rid of the competition.

      Monday, 25-Nov-13 02:49:58 UTC from web