1. Nowadays I'm pretty much # on twitter

    Friday, 06-Jun-14 06:58:51 UTC from web
    1. @lyokotravels Heh. In a year I think I might get close to that on considering I write for a very fringe genre.

      Friday, 06-Jun-14 07:04:06 UTC from web
      1. @pony Did you wath eet!

        Friday, 06-Jun-14 07:05:34 UTC from web
        1. @metaltao yep!

          Friday, 06-Jun-14 07:06:34 UTC from web
    2. @lyokotravels the context for this post didn't age well has it.

      about 23 days ago from web
      1. @lyokotravels Most things don't age well beyond a certain point. Fruits, vegetables, one's own body....

        about 23 days ago from web
        1. @adiwan Hips, knees, hairlines....

          about 23 days ago from web