1. Wednesday has been cancelled due to a scheduling error.

    Monday, 25-Aug-14 20:55:55 UTC from web
    1. @spots Ohgood

      Monday, 25-Aug-14 20:56:35 UTC from web
    2. @spots It's a good thing I'm not in the same time zone as Night Vale

      Monday, 25-Aug-14 20:57:59 UTC from web
      1. @northernnarwhal damn right it's a good thing, wednesday is important

        Monday, 25-Aug-14 20:59:49 UTC from web
        1. @spots It's the important centerpiece the working week structurally, separating the lifeless droll of Monday and Tuesday from the anxious anticipation of the weekend brought upon from Thursday and Friday.

          Monday, 25-Aug-14 21:01:38 UTC from web
          1. @northernnarwhal Right! I guess!

            Monday, 25-Aug-14 21:08:52 UTC from web
    3. @spots This comment broke me.

      Monday, 25-Aug-14 20:58:44 UTC from web
      1. @ellis oh my

        Monday, 25-Aug-14 20:58:56 UTC from web
        1. @spots Still no one important

          Monday, 25-Aug-14 20:59:20 UTC from web
    4. @spots Damn it, I wish I had known that before I put in a full Wednesday at work!

      Friday, 29-Aug-14 01:52:57 UTC from web