1. Okay, so this is my newest animation. It's about me and my friends playing LoL as if we were actually the characters we chose. I did it in 5 days as a final project for my intro animation class. I pretend to turn this into a series (with better audio and animation quality of course). Comment for any suggestions you might have, as I'm still a amateur animator trying to improve. !animation

    Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 23:46:11 UTC from web
    1. @coutz Holy christ dude, this is so good. The voice acting (and by extension audio mixing) could use a bit of improvement but the actual animation itself is golden. Really love the colours and fluidity of it (those walk cycles are fantastic!). Overall I enjoyed it, keep up the good work.

      Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 23:54:29 UTC from web
      1. @northernnarwhal Thanks man! I need to buy a better mic and actually learn how to do audio mixing... Someday, hopefully.

        Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 00:02:23 UTC from web
    2. @coutz oh apples that's actually really hype

      Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 23:56:11 UTC from web
      1. @mastertdi I KNOW RIGHT?

        Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 23:56:52 UTC from web
      2. @mastertdi Yay :^)

        Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 00:02:38 UTC from web
    3. @coutz i will watch this before bed tonight. Sorry i can't now.

      Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 23:59:37 UTC from web
      1. @saintnichawlas Not a problem, take your time

        Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 00:02:53 UTC from web
    4. @coutz FUNNY! THING! Yes! But, I have to say, I like the WALKING! Strangely enough. The details on the feet and body are great! ANd, the voices... GHJyuiutgyhuiogtuhluo! THEY ARE AMAZINGLY NORMAL! You coordinated this well mein Freund!

      Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 00:02:10 UTC from web
      1. @metaltao Thanks buddy, I'm glad you liked it :^)

        Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 00:06:09 UTC from web
        1. @coutz Thans fer sharing!

          Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 00:07:50 UTC from web
    5. @coutz you don't cease to amaze.

      Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 04:46:59 UTC from web
      1. @saintnichawlas I'm flattered

        Wednesday, 10-Dec-14 04:47:29 UTC from web