1. I'm amazed that this place is still up and running. Not to say that's a bad thing, but rather something I hadn't expected. Good for it. Anyway, I've been on a bit of a book kick and have been having trouble getting any good suggestions for something. Preferably audiobooks as they're top notch for listening to while I work. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know. I just finished listening to the American Gods spin off, Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Just for reference.

    Friday, 03-Jul-15 10:46:17 UTC from web
    1. @thatonestocking I hear the new 50 Shades book came out.

      Friday, 03-Jul-15 11:26:57 UTC from web
      1. @thelastgherkin If I wanted to read about bad sex I'd read your Transformers fics

        Friday, 03-Jul-15 11:47:41 UTC from web
    2. @thatonestocking i don't know about audiobooks much but if you can find anything by Cormac McCarthy I suggest them. His prose might translate even better by voice.

      Friday, 03-Jul-15 14:12:55 UTC from web
    3. @thatonestocking Ringworld by Larry Niven.

      Friday, 03-Jul-15 14:54:31 UTC from web
    4. @thatonestocking Sand, by Hugh Howey.

      Friday, 03-Jul-15 17:52:50 UTC from web