1. hello Brony

    Wednesday, 28-Feb-18 04:32:48 UTC from web
    1. @thunderbolt1 You know, I haven't really watched since shortly after Twilight became a princess; what has been happening lately?

      Wednesday, 28-Feb-18 15:27:46 UTC from web
      1. @scribus They killed off Spike and replaced him with Tony Sirico but then he came back two episodes later.

        Wednesday, 28-Feb-18 16:24:28 UTC from web
        1. @mrmattimation Just when it was almost interesting again...

          Wednesday, 28-Feb-18 19:23:40 UTC from web
      2. @scribus Well at this point, *spoilers* You had a epic Dragon Ball Z fight with Tirek, most of you can see in the latest release of Death Battle Raven vs Twilight. Creepy Changling Queen came back again. A mid season episode about a communist dictator town run by a pony that was based off a 1970 tv food personality and cult leader Jim Jones (from the actors mouth on stage at a convention). The same pony came back for a cherryING AWESOME GRIMDARK TIME TRAVEL episode that had Rainbow Dash lose a wing as a war veteran and then everyone died. Potato Knishesin serious, until Twilight reversed time again. We also got the a pony based on Zalgo ( to show up in the latest finale and and could tank the elements of harmony well also resisting a inter-dimensional portal pulling him in. And the Pony movie everyone wanted came out too.

        Thursday, 01-Mar-18 08:18:52 UTC from web
      3. @scribus Also Japan and japan artists are making some sort of EQG re-imagined statues. And The latest EQG finally did some closer with pony world Celestia everyone wanted. And Celestia was all sass.

        Thursday, 01-Mar-18 08:19:28 UTC from web
      4. @scribus *spoiler* also we got Starswirl back now too. Has a great voice actor. Speaking of actors. We had Weird Al voice a character. William banananer, Felica Day too. Also had AJ's parents touched on. In fact everyones parents came along. And Rainbow Dash got hit on hard by Flutters brother. Like really hard. Reaaaally hard.

        Thursday, 01-Mar-18 08:24:57 UTC from web
      5. @scribus William banananer? Fine Captain James T. Kirk. Happy?

        Thursday, 01-Mar-18 08:26:05 UTC from web
      6. @scribus And my personal favorite. Rainbow Dash was shown to have a mild case of Autism. Can only learn "boring" things under special conditions that make them fun. It was a running gag for some artists, but she retains "everything" she sees while flying.

        Thursday, 01-Mar-18 08:33:07 UTC from web
      7. @scribus If you want to pick up the ol' dog and bone just hit the finale's for s4-s5 since they seemed lackluster and start in the middle of s6. And do watch the cult leader town episode, that was great.

        Thursday, 01-Mar-18 20:36:26 UTC from MuSTArDroid