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  1. @scribus Well at this point, *spoilers* You had a epic Dragon Ball Z fight with Tirek, most of you can see in the latest release of Death Battle Raven vs Twilight. Creepy Changling Queen came back again. A mid season episode about a communist dictator town run by a pony that was based off a 1970 tv food personality and cult leader Jim Jones (from the actors mouth on stage at a convention). The same pony came back for a cherryING AWESOME GRIMDARK TIME TRAVEL episode that had Rainbow Dash lose a wing as a war veteran and then everyone died. Potato Knishesin serious, until Twilight reversed time again. We also got the a pony based on Zalgo ( to show up in the latest finale and and could tank the elements of harmony well also resisting a inter-dimensional portal pulling him in. And the Pony movie everyone wanted came out too.

    about 9 months ago from web in context

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