1. I’m torn between “I really don’t think Biden should be President” and “But Biden probably has a lot of Republican support, and therefore could siphon enough votes that would otherwise be Trump votes in the swing states”

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    1. @mrmattimation Ah, welcome to the wonderfull world of politics where everything is a gamble and nothing makes you happy. If you wanna hear my hot take on your Biden-problem. The guy is 5 years older than Hillary Rodham Clinton and as such I doubt he knows a lot about the modern way of media. So here is what you wait for : If he goes to the swing states and/or potential swing states in the south and he puts on a fake southern accent. Do not vote for the guy, and laugh at him instead. Else, good luck

      I mean just 1 small google away are things like... Oh my I was not expecting to find something so recent as 2019 or

      Meanwhile I can not help but to be curious as to how far the "he might get votes that would otherwise go to Democrats" is said in the "Republican Nominee War Room" (name ?)

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      1. @drinkingpony It was said about Trump but looking at the actual vote totals it doesn't seem to be all that accurate. It wasn't that he outpaced previous Republican nominees (in fact, he did WORSE than both Romney and McCain in quite a few areas) but rather that he MOSTLY held Republican ground while Clinton lost too many places that had previously gone for Obama (and while some of those people voted for Trump, a great majority of them just didn't vote at all). Joe Biden on the other hand is similar enough to Obama (who DID capture quite a sizable portion of the Republican vote in both of his elections) that he could probably replicate most of Obama's success, and perhaps even outpace him due both to changing demographics in states like Arizona and Georgia, and also due to the fact that Biden is often viewed as being more conservative than Obama, despite the fact that as President he'd probably actually be more liberal than Obama was, so he can probably win Republican states.

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        1. @mrmattimation the "non sequitur"-level seems high I am not sure whether to call it a day or to point out that I have NO idea how actual vote totals (from when? 2016? from whom? MSM ?) can be used to establish anything on the level as big as a whole state.

          But hey, if you are willing to still believe that so called 'professionals' are better at predicting at what whole states will probably end up voting when there is also Matt Groening, I am not gonna stop you.

          As for that Trump did worse than Romney and McCain in some area's. Yeah I am willing to believe that, there are things like home states, there are things like actively or passively pandering to special/specific intrest groups.

          Lets not forget the Bernie Bro's ( name ? ) which voted for trump in 2016.

          Oh, or the people from the Rust Belt who vowed to vote democrat in the local elections but Trump for 2020

          Because aparently that's a thing

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          1. @drinkingpony According to exit polls from 2016, more than three quarters of Bernie Sanders primary voters voted for Clinton in the general (the remaining 25% is split three ways: people who voted Trump, people who voted for a third party candidate, or people who didn't vote at all). Official vote tabulations, as certified by each state's government (Republicans had already controlled quite a few of these on Election Day 2016 - this is no longer true for most of them as of January 2019), showed that while Trump did much better than Romney and McCain in states like Ohio and Iowa, he also did worse than them in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan... all of which were won by him and not Clinton. He didn't get normally Democratic votes in those states. The Democrat just got less than is normal. These are two different situations, and although they eventually lead to the same outcome, it's important to make the distinction because it reveals a lot about the climate of 2016.

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            1. @mrmattimation You still believe in polls ? More importantly you think 8.3 % of Bernie Bro's did not vote ? Yeah I call bull on that. Unless if you want to proclaim that you can expect 30% margin of error out of every and all polls coming out of "the establishment" on a good day ( not even gonna touch the bad days )

              But hey, I will just leave you with this

              and this

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    2. @mrmattimation I'm torn between "I can't wait to watch the traitors dangle" and "I think so dismissively of them all I wouldn't even watch the festivities."

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