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  1. @mrmattimation the "non sequitur"-level seems high I am not sure whether to call it a day or to point out that I have NO idea how actual vote totals (from when? 2016? from whom? MSM ?) can be used to establish anything on the level as big as a whole state.

    But hey, if you are willing to still believe that so called 'professionals' are better at predicting at what whole states will probably end up voting when there is also Matt Groening, I am not gonna stop you.

    As for that Trump did worse than Romney and McCain in some area's. Yeah I am willing to believe that, there are things like home states, there are things like actively or passively pandering to special/specific intrest groups.

    Lets not forget the Bernie Bro's ( name ? ) which voted for trump in 2016.

    Oh, or the people from the Rust Belt who vowed to vote democrat in the local elections but Trump for 2020

    Because aparently that's a thing

    about 2 months ago from web in context

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