1. Today at the flea market was frustrating. Everywhere I looked FIFA games. One seller had all FIFA games from 2006 onwards to 2015. I don't understand the dedication for this.

    about 4 months ago from web
    1. @adiwan I can explain. Somewhat.

      1. People own all these games because just the roster updates to them are worth buying the game all over again. This has been a hot-button topic in the hardcore-gameosphere ever since ( and no doubt before ) CoD became an annual franchise. FIFA just started to really stand out because unlike CoD it did not had different guns, an engine, or even more polygons ( with only 2~3 exceptions that I know of ) and you simply can not have the old game play online because everyone migrated to the newer game. And couch-co-op back in the day, well you would not want to be the cheapass amongst friends would you ? Think of the shame.

      The reason that they are now on flea-markets everywhere is because FIFA has joined the league-of-anti-hong-kong ( in an attempt to remain buddy buddy with China and keep access to the market no doubt )

      Surely you heard of the Blitzchung Blizzard thing ? Well, it is like that, only soccer-juicy. Kinda.

      about 4 months ago from web
      1. @drinkingpony It needs a lot of self-hate to buy a sports game and doing it repeatedly.

        about 4 months ago from web
        1. @adiwan Fans are gonna fan, untill something happens that makes them not want to be a fan anymore.

          I remember reading about some guy who had made a MCU-Wall, containing the DVD cover for every Marvel Superhero movie ever released, complaining about how he did not really like one particular movie but was still deadset on getting the thing for his wall since else his collection would be incomplete ( this was years ago )

          Extreme fans gonna extreme fan I guess.

          Hell, kinda reminds me of this 2 hour long thing of some guy who was harassing a movie critic on Discord for a debate for his opinion on a movie was SO WRONG he simply had to correct the narrative, or at least attempt to, it was a total fail and is probably one of the best examples of how to learn from other people's mistakes ( ) Its quite humorous at times, but I am not sure if I can recommend it unless if you got 2 hours to waste.

          ( Such as when on CCTV monitor duty at work at night)

          about 4 months ago from web
          1. @drinkingpony Oh, right, the punchline. At one point this guy ( the one who repeatedly went "DEBATE ME ! DEBATE ME !" ) had to admit that the movie just was not that defendable, or even good. But then he said "But you are still going to get the blueray/dvd right" and was promptly laughed at in a "Haha, but why tho ? We dislike/hate the movie"

            about 4 months ago from web
    2. @adiwan Folks like kicking balls.

      about 4 months ago from web