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  1. @adiwan I can explain. Somewhat.

    1. People own all these games because just the roster updates to them are worth buying the game all over again. This has been a hot-button topic in the hardcore-gameosphere ever since ( and no doubt before ) CoD became an annual franchise. FIFA just started to really stand out because unlike CoD it did not had different guns, an engine, or even more polygons ( with only 2~3 exceptions that I know of ) and you simply can not have the old game play online because everyone migrated to the newer game. And couch-co-op back in the day, well you would not want to be the cheapass amongst friends would you ? Think of the shame.

    The reason that they are now on flea-markets everywhere is because FIFA has joined the league-of-anti-hong-kong ( in an attempt to remain buddy buddy with China and keep access to the market no doubt )

    Surely you heard of the Blitzchung Blizzard thing ? Well, it is like that, only soccer-juicy. Kinda.

    about 17 days ago from web in context

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