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  • Coding Bronies Game Development codingbronies Coding Bronies Game Development N/A

    A little group for all you bronies out there that have a knack for game design or programming. Have you ever made a game before using Flash, Java, or C? Come and join us, share your knowledge with the less knowledgeable! Help make numerous games become a reality! Heck, you can even advertise your new games here as well!

  • Game Design and Programming gamesandprogramming Game Design and Programming

    A group for bronies that are programmers and/or game designers/developers, or people that wish to become any of the above

  • Linux linux Linux http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux

    Linux [or more correctly GNU/Linux] is a generic term referring to Unix-like computer operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

  • Python python Python everywhere http://www.python.org

    A group for all users and developers of the programming language python

  • programming programming programming
  • The Single Crusaders singles The Single Crusaders


  • Let's just summarize it. blamemods Let's just summarize it.

    I mean really, we all know they're the cause of all the problems, not us sweet little angels.