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Coding Bronies Game Development

Coding Bronies Game Development



A little group for all you bronies out there that have a knack for game design or programming.

Have you ever made a game before using Flash, Java, or C? Come and join us, share your knowledge with the less knowledgeable! Help make numerous games become a reality!

Heck, you can even advertise your new games here as well!

Coding Bronies Game Development (codingbronies) group


  1. Is there a virtual machine like Parrot VM that doesn't have file i/o or networking? That would be useful for making provably safe, downloadable games.

    Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 16:33:22 UTC from web
    • I think a good way to teach farming would be a realistic farm simulator. It would have to simulate the climate of the player's location and have crops appropriate for that climate.Is there already somethig like this that is open source?

      Thursday, 22-Jan-15 21:27:34 UTC from web
      • Barrel distortion can be precalculated so that you just can look up where the pixels map to, no need for GPU. Figured this a few weeks ago.

        Friday, 02-Jan-15 06:30:05 UTC from web
      • I am working on a crt-looking effect. scanlines

        Saturday, 27-Dec-14 03:50:27 UTC from web
        • For Linux gamedevs, here's my barrel distortion filter that works over stdin and stdout.

          Friday, 26-Dec-14 23:59:58 UTC from web
        • Hi. I'm hankering to program a game tonight. What kind of 2D pony game would you like to see?

          Wednesday, 16-Jul-14 20:48:55 UTC from web
        • !equestriagaming !codingbronies !gamesandprogramming Looks like the My Little Game Jam folks are setting up some sort of monthly game competition. Pretty sweet, eh?

          Friday, 15-Mar-13 20:28:06 UTC from web
          • teaching myself C++ in 21 days! last night I got my first "Hello World!" working! !codingbronies !gamesandprogramming

            Saturday, 25-Jun-11 16:33:35 UTC from web
          • so last fall, when I was working at Target, a guy that works at EA Salt Lake came through my line. I thought it was cool, chatted with him about the industry, mentioned my dad, etc. well today my dad told me that he's moving to Omaha to set up a studio! !codingbronies !programmingandgames

            Thursday, 23-Jun-11 22:23:46 UTC from web
          • just got back from dropping my dad off at the airport for E3. REALLY wish I could go with him !vgp !codingbronies !gamesandprogramming #

            Monday, 06-Jun-11 14:48:13 UTC from web
          • Coding an RP text game system sorta thing and trying to decide between a more standard class system, or one based around more unique, powerful, anime-ish characters. Hrm. I'm also thinking about a steampunk-tinged theme.

            Tuesday, 24-May-11 03:12:57 UTC from web
          • downloading Portal 2! and, I finished my A* pathfinding algorithm! !vgp !codingbronies !gamesandprogramming

            Wednesday, 18-May-11 21:21:38 UTC from web
            • The basic design is done for this little flash project I'm doing, now for the art department! I just have to wait for my friend to finish the animations. !codingbronies

              Wednesday, 18-May-11 04:16:25 UTC from web
              • has anypony here taken AP Computer Science? Or know what Gridworld is? !gamesandprogramming !codingbronies

                Tuesday, 17-May-11 22:57:12 UTC from web
              • Tee hee! I name my GUI objects after characters from MLP. I wonder if anyone in my Computer Science class will catch on... !codingbronies

                Thursday, 12-May-11 21:58:39 UTC from web
              • !vgp meet !gamesandprogramming . !gamesandprogramming meet !codingbronies . !codingbronies meet !techponies . Everyone together now? Yay! :D LET'S GET CREATIVE, poni!

                Wednesday, 11-May-11 23:27:04 UTC from web
              • Yo !techponies meet !codingbronies

                Tuesday, 10-May-11 02:15:03 UTC from web