Rainbow Dash Network groups let you find and talk with people of similar interests. After you join a group you can send messages to all other members using the syntax "!groupname". Don't see a group you like? Try searching for one or start your own!

  • SuperFanClupofShippingUsers taoislovetiffanyislife SuperFanClupofShippingUsers

    Would you ship them?

  • My Little Roleplay Δ mlr My Little Roleplay Δ

    If you have facebook/ponyhoof then you can find my official My Little Roleplay Δ group- where the action happens!

  • Metalia: home of the metal pegasi metalia Metalia: home of the metal pegasi

    Some pegasi, who live just outside Equestria,are made of metal, called metasi. Metasi are territorial, and ear gems. Are you a Metasi? If so, you might be safe here...

  • Electronic Bronies electronicponies Electronic Bronies Everywhere

    Here you can post any kind of electronic music you've made or a song that you want to share

  • Elijah Smith elijahnws Elijah Smith London

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  • PC Master Race pcmasterrace PC Master Race

    The PC Master Race group is a group for people above console peasants and who praise the almighty Gaben.

  • Brony Fan Fair RoomShare bronyfanfairroomshare Brony Fan Fair RoomShare Austin, TX

    My group for my brony fan fair roomshare.

  • NO PONIES noponies NO PONIES


  • people who love learning or are a nerd about anything nerds people who love learning or are a nerd about anything everywhere

    if you love learning or are a nerd or a geek if you prefer that join here

  • Children's Cards Game Fanclub yugioh Children's Cards Game Fanclub IN AMERICA

    ATTENTION DUELISTS: My hair says this is the official RDN Group for fans of Yugioh!

  • Bronies Unite! broniesunite Bronies Unite! Texas branch of the BroniesUnite panel run by Amelie Belcher and Pony Cons.

  • Ponies! Woohoo! poniesrock Ponies! Woohoo! Everywhere

    If you think ponies are awesome then be HERE

  • Alex Rudsky alexrudsky Alex Rudsky

    Profitable opportunities being offered at the concern will let you save a lot of money while owing your favorite vehicle. According to Alex Rudsky - the vice-president of firm, low prices for this type of vehicles has made it quite attractive and easy-to-buy for prospective buyers who want to repair and use or resell in the market.

  • Overclockers RDN overclockers Overclockers RDN

    For PC enthusiasts on RDN or at least for people who can assemble a computer from scratch.

  • Speling Reform spelingreform Speling Reform

    A group for the exploration and use of more phonetically accurate spelling systems for the English language.

  • Secret RDN Mafia rdnmafia Secret RDN Mafia

    RDN's underground mafia lead by Don Coneleone

  • Ellie's Exclusive Club of Cool Kids elliesexclusiveclubofcoolkids Ellie's Exclusive Club of Cool Kids

    A club for cool kids only.

  • Super Secret Underground Group supersecretundergroundgroup Super Secret Underground Group

    This group is super secret and obscure



  • Battlefield 4 Group! bronyfield Battlefield 4 Group!

    The people of RDN that Play Battle field 4! Its a great game and everyone should own it! The platoon I am in Is BronyField and you should all apply to join! I am not the founder nor do I claim to be.

Active groups

  1. Linux linux
  2. Time Zone Appropriate Greetings tzag
  3. What's in your ear? listening
  4. Debian debian
  5. Identiverse identiverse
  6. Video Game Ponies! videogameponies

Recently active groups

  1. gnusocial gnusocial

    Muss man eigentlich mit irgendwelchen Problemen rechnen, wenn man eine !gnusocial Instanz von Singleuser auf Multiuser umstellt?

    about 15 days ago
  2. the federated universe fediverse

    Good morning !fediverse !tzag :)

    about 2 days ago
  3. music music

    * Faith No more * Easy * live in show * !music

    about 22 days ago
  4. No Furries Allowed notfurry

    @scribus !nofurries

    about 11 days ago
  5. the federated universe fediverse

    Good morning !fediverse !tzag :)

    about 6 days ago
  6. the federated universe fediverse

    time to share some coffee with the !fediverse ... RT @clock ring #

    about 12 days ago


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