Rainbow Dash Network groups let you find and talk with people of similar interests. After you join a group you can send messages to all other members using the syntax "!groupname". Don't see a group you like? Try searching for one or start your own!

  • The RDN Advertising Project rdnads The RDN Advertising Project
  • jody wesley jodywesley9 jody wesley Santa Barbara

    <a href="">Wedding Venues Santa Barbara</a> can be expensive and the couples should be extra careful about their budget and it’s better to explore the deals on hotels, venues and catering. Create your best wedding packages in Santa Barbara to make your <a href="">weddings in Santa Barbara</a> drama free. These wedding packages give a high quality product with presentation of original designs that can be articulated by your wedding anticipation.

  • North Texas Bronies Unite northbros North Texas Bronies Unite Texas (North... Duh)
  • RDN pokemon adventures rdnpixelmon RDN pokemon adventures Kanto

    The group where Meloetta hosts a local server of pixelmon for people on RDN

  • VA Hampton Roads MLP:CCG hamptonroadsmlpccg VA Hampton Roads MLP:CCG Hampton Roads, VA, USA

    For people in the Hampton roads area that enjoy playing the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game

  • Pony Fandom at its Best ponyfandom Pony Fandom at its Best

    For all the pony fans out there xD

  • Bronies with Kids ponyparents Bronies with Kids

    Any brony or pegasister who just happens to have kids of any age as well.

  • Scootaloo Fan Group! scootaloofangroup Scootaloo Fan Group!


  • Pikmin Fans pikminponies Pikmin Fans Rochester New York

    For all people who like pikmin

  • mattisgreat mattisgreat
  • RedEnchilada fan club redclub RedEnchilada fan club RedCity, RedState, RedCountry, RedContinent, RedPlanet

    Red is best everything.

  • ╔♠Fallout Equestria (FoE) Fan Group♠╗ fallout ╔♠Fallout Equestria (FoE) Fan Group♠╗ Hoofington

    This group is for everything FoE related. from the original, to all the side story's! There will be people to exchange related sites and ideas. i can go on but you guys prob get the chizz. Don't know what FoE is? I/We will tell you all you need to know! or follow the links below to read the books! Fallout Equestria (original) Fallout Equestria: Heroes Fallout Equestria Project Horizons

  • Real Dash n' tha Boyz rdntb Real Dash n' tha Boyz The streetz

    Tha hardest gangstas on the Rainbow Dash Network. Thugs from tha 'hood, counting dolla and shootin' drive-bys. All about tha street, the struggle is real. We've got ties all 'round the underground RDN, so don't mess with us.

  • MU Bronies! mubronies MU Bronies!
  • Background Ships backgroundshipping Background Ships Anywhere, Anywhere, Anywhere

    A place where you can exchange ideas and preferences on which background Pony should be shipped with which. I.E. Vinyl and Octavia (my favorite), Derpy and The Doctor, etc. etc.

  • doctorwho doctorwho doctorwho

    A fan group for a fantastic tv show

  • Paladin Gaming Group paladins Paladin Gaming Group Avalon park

    Players of the MLP:FiM Trading Card Game

  • Politically incorrect jokes lolwrong Politically incorrect jokes

    Join the group, type your politically incorrect joke, and set the post to group only. Everyone wins since only the people who want to see the jokes will be able to see it.

  • Lovers of minecraft minecraftloversrs Lovers of minecraft Worldwide

    For everypony who loves mlp film and minecraft!

  • I can't remember all these groups. cantremember I can't remember all these groups.

    Can you remember the

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  1. Linux linux
  2. Time Zone Appropriate Greetings tzag
  3. What's in your ear? listening
  4. Debian debian
  5. Identiverse identiverse
  6. Video Game Ponies! videogameponies

Recently active groups

  1. twitter twitter

    !twitter claims they have 10 million users in Turkey

    about a month ago
  2. the federated universe fediverse

    good night gute Nacht !tzaf !fediverse! # I'll start on other things on my still-too-long todo list... :)

    about a month ago
  3. Mod Chatter modchat

    If he goes too far do say so, Ross

    about a month ago
  4. What's in your ear? listening

    Take a break! Enjoy Aphex Twin - Xtal # # # # # !listening

    about 10 days ago
  5. RaspberryPi raspberrypi

    @linuxmilk it's definitely possible to get a !gnusocial instance running on the !raspberrypi but it may be more complicated to set up

    about 7 days ago
  6. Cycling cycling

    I went out for the club run... But unsure of my capacity thought I'd give myself a headstart on the first climb of the day and arrived (accidentally) a little early. I wasn't caught! So got the wind for the whole ride

    about an hour ago