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  • Dane Fan Club dfc Dane Fan Club

    For all things Dane <333333

  • Dungeons and Dragons Bronies ddb Dungeons and Dragons Bronies

    for all the bronies who play Dungeons and Dragons or any other type of tabletop RPG

  • charlesl leiva charleslleiva charlesl leiva New York, NY

    It neutralizes the negative effects caused by oxidative stress and combats the declining of memory recall that occurs with aging.It comprises all natural ingredients and is safely manufactured in a cGMP certified and GDA licensed laboratory environment, that assures its safety. Just take its recommended dose or as suggested by your doctor on a daily basis to get effective as well as lasting results. The solution improves the mental function in normally functioning people and helps you score higher on intelligence and memory tests. Very well, how do you handle Synapsyl?

  • Gaben's Clopfest gabensclopfest Gaben's Clopfest
  • mlp skype group call broniesskypegroup mlp skype group call

    my skype name is midnight.sun54 im looking for people interested on doing a skyype group.add me if you want

  • 1phrase 1phrase 1phrase
  • Central Mississippi Meet Up Group middlemiss Central Mississippi Meet Up Group Madison, MS, USA.

    I saw that most all the MS groups were all around the coast! Well this is for all of us that are more near the Jackson area! We'll have meet ups and events and such!

  • Rainbow Dash Positivity Club rdpositiveclub Rainbow Dash Positivity Club

    For those having a crisis and who need help. Those who need help are given help by our volunteers and group members. We are about staying positive and keeping everyone happy. We give a hand to those who are feeling down and in the dumps.

  • Online D&D dungeonsanddragons Online D&D Interwebs

    A group dedicated to the wondrous world of D&D. If this group gets enough interest, I'll buy a D&D book and we all can Skype and play D&D together

  • darkw00d darkw00d darkw00d a shaded wood

    darkw00d's group

  • procrastinate here. procrastinators procrastinate here.

    here is where we go to procrastinate/avoid work and school.

  • Fanfiction Library fanfiction Fanfiction Library

    A place to share your pony stories. Rules: Link us to your own fanfiction, not others'. No plagiarism. No clopfics. Take criticism in stride. If your story is incomplete, tag it with #incomplete. If your story has a genre, tag it with the genre. E.g. #adventure or #comedy.

  • hu ha hiphopbronies hu ha

    for all the bronies that loves hip hop.

  • bronies of alabama broniesofalabama bronies of alabama alabama

    for bronies who live in alabama

  • Night light mickey Night light Bronies in the williamesville areaor near it like amherst

    Bronies of all genders and age are welcomed

  • Strife Bronies strife Strife Bronies
  • Camas Bronies papermakerbronies Camas Bronies

    This is the actual Camas Washington Brony group. Sorry about the others (I couldn't figure out how to delete them).

  • Camas Bronies camasbronies Camas Bronies

    For any Bronies who live in the city of Camas, Washington.

  • Bronies of Camas Washington camasonians Bronies of Camas Washington

    For any brownies who live in the city of Camas, Washington.

  • FurryHelpGuide tobefur FurryHelpGuide Endor

    Are you a furry? Do you WANT to be a furry? Come on down! WE will sit down and talk with you about your future Furry Career! Our (Not so) liable staff will sit down and talk with you and help you understand how to: YIff FurSuit Growl Make [REDACTED] and Yiff!

Active groups

  1. Linux linux
  2. Time Zone Appropriate Greetings tzag
  3. What's in your ear? listening
  4. Debian debian
  5. Identiverse identiverse
  6. Video Game Ponies! videogameponies

Recently active groups

  1. the federated universe fediverse

    (a very belated) Good morning !fediverse !tzag :)

    about 8 days ago
  2. gs gs

    @chimo that imho sounds like a !gs # It shouldn't matter if a post has been committed via https or http for federation

    about 24 days ago
  3. Cycling cycling

    @luke thats awesome. Some people are just so amazing.

    about 19 days ago
  4. fediverso fediverso

    early-ish into my # for a change, but a good way to end my rest day :) good night gute nacht bonan vesperon jó éjt bonsoir welterusten (etc.) !tzaf !fediverse !fediverso

    about 20 days ago
  5. Southern California Bronies socalbronies

    And if you’re from !SoCal, I believe it is required that when you eat a burger anywhere else in the country, no matter how good it is, you must compare it (poorly) to In-N-Out. You may have heard it before, “Yeah, Shake Shack/Five Guys/Fatburger is good…but it’s not In-N-Out”. Please try to understand, we don’t do this out of pride, we do this because we are assholes.

    about 10 days ago
  6. the federated universe fediverse

    !listening !musik Edvard Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King from "Peer Gynt": !tzag !fediverse

    about a month ago


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