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  • College Bronies United collegeunited College Bronies United College!

    Anypony currently in, graduated, or will be in college! Started a youtube channel for all college bronies to take apart of!

  • Roblox roblox Roblox

    Rōblox, stylized as RŌBLOX, is a massively multiplayer online game created and marketed toward children and teenagers aged 8–18. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual world, in which they or other members may enter and socialize within the blocks of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Games on Roblox can be scripted using a sandboxed edition of Lua 5.1 to affect events that occur in-game and create different scenarios. The company's main source of revenue comes from players buying Robux, the main virtual currency in the game, and from players buying "Builders Club" access, a status which gives virtual benefits to users. Players who have created an account may purchase either Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, or Outrageous Builders Club, otherwise known by users as BC, TBC, and OBC, respectively.

  • daniel john billing equestriagammers daniel john billing all

    all gamers are welcome

  • Bronies Drinking Coffee bdc Bronies Drinking Coffee Salt Lake City, Utah

    Group of bronies who meet up regularly in Salt Lake City to enjoy pony, coffee, and more pony. Sometimes more coffee too. Weekly Saturday meets at Kafeneio Coffeehouse in Salt Lake starting at 10am, on and off-season.

  • Shenango ValleyCon shenangovalleycon Shenango ValleyCon Hermitage, PA

    Welcome to the 1st Annual Shenango ValleyCon (The con name will most likely be changed in the near future). This will be a meet-up for all Brony and pegasister's Artist, Animators, VAs, Musicians or fans alike! Why Shenango Valleycon? Well it's a lot closer then going all the way to Bronycon, Trotcon, and etc. Also It will be something to do around here. Where will it be located/hosted at? Most likely at the Shenango Valley Mall. Is their a time and date is unavailable at this time Everything will be updated withing June 1st!

  • The Dunk Zone smash The Dunk Zone Final Destination

    Official Super Smash Bros. Group of RDN. Not Falco. No johns.

  • United Equestrian Kingdoms uek United Equestrian Kingdoms Online

    This group is an International Brony & Pegasister gaming community. Anypony is welcome!

  • Sparity sparity Sparity Online


  • PonySFM ponysfm PonySFM

    Providing pony related SFM resources on one simple site!

  • Call of duty brony group codforbronies Call of duty brony group

    This group is for any bronies who play call of duty on any console.

  • Örebro Bronies Sweden orebronie Örebro Bronies Sweden Sweden Örebro

    We are the Swedish Bronies from Örebro (Sweden) :D The ÖREBRONIES ;D

  • My Little Pony Status mlpstatus My Little Pony Status Gastonia,NC 28056

    anyone is welcome

  • Rarity Is Best Pony! rarityfanclubforbestpony Rarity Is Best Pony! Online

    ♦The Best Group For the Best Pony!♦ ♦This Group Is Ever Dedicated To Rarity♦

  • Rarity Is Best Pony! rarityfanclub Rarity Is Best Pony! Online

    ♦The Best Group For the Best Pony!♦ ♦This Group Is Ever Dedicated To Rarity♦

  • Ames/Des Moines Bronies amesbronies Ames/Des Moines Bronies Ames, Iowa, USA

    Hello Everypony! This group is mainly for bronies/pegasisters from the Des Moines/Ames/Iowa State area! However, if you are from Iowa, or anywhere in the wide wide world (of Equestria) feel free to join! Hopefully, we can get more so we can have viewing parties, create fan content, and visit cons together! :)

  • soarindashfanclub soarindashfanclub Winnipeg, Manitoba

    For anyone who loves the ship

  • Brothers in Fruitposts thebrothers Brothers in Fruitposts

    For those who like once in a while to drive-by Potato Knishespost

  • Halo 1 - Combat Evolved Bronies h1cebronies Halo 1 - Combat Evolved Bronies Halo

    Basically a group for gamer Bronies who want to/do play Halo 1 Combat Evolved, If you want to play, but don't have the game, DON'T WORRY! The full game will be provided to you!

  • The Elements of Disaster teod The Elements of Disaster Everfree Forest

    We are the mane-six of disaster. We bring Disharmony, Death, Plagues, and Despair to the ponies of Equestria. We hide in the darkness and are nigh undetectable.

  • Team ICO teamico Team ICO

    Team ICO appreciation group.

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  1. Linux linux
  2. Time Zone Appropriate Greetings tzag
  3. What's in your ear? listening
  4. What's in your ear? listening
  5. the federated universe fediverse
  6. Debian debian

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  1. listening listening

    @theru a rubber duck song from German Sesame Street: Ernies Quietscheentchenlied !listening

    about 5 days ago
  2. anime anime

    !anime is a good group but i don't know how groups work

    about a day ago
  3. What's in your ear? listening

    Take a break! Enjoy Psy - Gangnam Style!/search/psy gangnam style seen from @lnxw48 (like/other song? send me: song) !listening

    about a month ago
  4. Justiz justiz

    "Angeklagte hatte zuvor gesagt, es sei ihm aus religiösen Gründen verboten, vor Menschen aufzustehen." # !secular !justiz

    about 20 days ago
  5. Wissenschaft wissen

    Die Venusfliegenfalle nutzt einen Zählmechanismus. Ohne je Informatik studiert zu haben. Whow! -- !wissen

    about 18 days ago
  6. What's in your ear? listening

    Dedicating this to all seeks (distributed search engine) users in Z4nt0 D0min90: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms # # seen from @[email protected] !listening

    about 13 hours ago

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