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  1. !animators

    Tuesday, 19-Apr-16 23:42:44 UTC from web
    • @gothicflame hello and thx for wellcoming me :) im a pretty lonley brony and would need some brony friends :D hope you can help me out :D

      Sunday, 25-Oct-15 21:09:37 UTC from web
    • !animators

      Monday, 28-Sep-15 12:07:02 UTC from web
      • !animators

        Saturday, 04-Jul-15 16:10:22 UTC from web
        • Got bored. I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be. !animation

          Wednesday, 20-May-15 00:26:45 UTC from web
        • !animators Loving this already

          Tuesday, 05-May-15 15:11:42 UTC from web
          • !animators One of the lead animators on the South Park game talking about how they did it (including how they dealt with making a 30fps game look like 24fps TV show)

            Wednesday, 29-Apr-15 20:46:09 UTC from Mayonnaise
            • !animators

              Sunday, 26-Apr-15 18:28:44 UTC from web
              • Oh here's the thing I animated earlier as a test. !animation

                Saturday, 11-Apr-15 03:24:49 UTC from web
                • Lipsyncing practice. !animation

                  Saturday, 11-Apr-15 02:02:12 UTC from web
                  • Christ !animators

                    Tuesday, 10-Mar-15 23:26:36 UTC from web
                    • I probably have some of the messiest animatics ever !animation

                      Sunday, 22-Feb-15 21:34:59 UTC from web
                    • @scoot Hey, I dunno how much time you have on your hands for personal projects, but I found this website that's pretty cool. Every month, they give you an 11-second sound clip and you have to animate something with it. Thought it's a neat exercise, so I decided to let you know about it. !animators

                      Tuesday, 30-Dec-14 03:32:09 UTC from web
                    • The hand-drawn lipsyncing is really making a difference, wow. !animation

                      Monday, 29-Dec-14 05:20:07 UTC from web
                      • !animators CC @scoot

                        Monday, 29-Dec-14 00:38:07 UTC from web
                        • First time in a while that I've tried my hand at hand-drawn lipsyncing. Could be better, but this looks so much better than symbol-based lipsyncing. !animation

                          Sunday, 28-Dec-14 23:15:25 UTC from web
                          • Okay, so this is my newest animation. It's about me and my friends playing LoL as if we were actually the characters we chose. I did it in 5 days as a final project for my intro animation class. I pretend to turn this into a series (with better audio and animation quality of course). Comment for any suggestions you might have, as I'm still a amateur animator trying to improve. !animation


                            Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 23:46:11 UTC from web
                          • !animators

                            Saturday, 06-Dec-14 22:57:44 UTC from web
                            • Still pretty rough, and I should probably add a couple of blinks in there, but overall this shot's looking good. !animators

                              Friday, 05-Dec-14 02:09:05 UTC from web
                              • And now I should sleep. !animators

                                Wednesday, 26-Nov-14 06:40:50 UTC from web
                                • A sneakpeek of my new !animation project. Just a walkcycle that will appear in the final product.

                                  Thursday, 20-Nov-14 05:40:41 UTC from web
                                • Incredibly well animated LEGO CGI short based on the Eleventh Doctor's farewell in "Time of the Doctor". !animators @scoot

                                  Sunday, 16-Nov-14 02:28:53 UTC from web
                                  • Phew... !animation

                                    Sunday, 09-Nov-14 01:23:00 UTC from web
                                    • There's something immensely satisfying about knowing you're almost finished. Anyway, here's the fully colored version of that shot from earlier. !animation

                                      Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 19:14:26 UTC from web
                                    • This is an interesting watch if you're into that kind of behind-the-scenes stuff. Unlike "6 Days to Air", this focuses entirely on the animation. !animators

                                      Saturday, 01-Nov-14 16:50:30 UTC from web
                                      • Yay it's done! My midterm amination project! Also it's my first real animation video ever, so all criticism is welcome. THe animation is about myself doing this very project, and also presenting my classmate in the style of the opening of "Baccano!", an amazing anime. Hope you all enjoy! !animation


                                        Tuesday, 28-Oct-14 04:30:21 UTC from web
                                      • Just a really quick run cycle test. !animators

                                        Monday, 27-Oct-14 21:54:44 UTC from web
                                      • This will actually be in my !animation midterm project.

                                        Sunday, 26-Oct-14 04:46:50 UTC from web
                                      • !animators 35,000 hand-drawn celluloid frames shot onto a 35mm camera.

                                        Saturday, 25-Oct-14 16:56:21 UTC from web
                                        • alright guys it's time for some deep breathing exercises. !animation

                                          Saturday, 18-Oct-14 04:20:44 UTC from web