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Board Game Online [NSFW]

Board Game Online [NSFW]

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“The whole game was pretty much '@BITSHIFT STOP FAPPING IN PUBLIC YOU’RE A TERRIBLE PRIEST' while he sliced people in half with his lightsaber.” -communistprime

Game tags:
#ffa - Free-for-all
#af1 - Teams (All for One)
#1fa - Teams (One for All)
Please remember the #nsfw tag when you link a game!

(Traditional RDN!BGO rules: 25 starting rupees, all classes, instant classes, early reinforcements, survival, expert mode.)

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  1. Maybe it ran badly because I was unplugged from my charger last time. :x I'm gonna try it again because f.

    Friday, 13-Jul-12 04:49:33 UTC from web
  2. Methinks !BGO is having some server issues....

    Saturday, 23-Jun-12 22:50:55 UTC from web
  3. There ain't no rest for the wicked, 'til we close our eyes for good~

    Friday, 22-Jun-12 04:53:06 UTC from MuSTArDroid

    Friday, 22-Jun-12 03:27:30 UTC from web
  5. Even my grandmother would beat # !bgo

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 04:35:45 UTC from web
  6. "AdamSavage! YEAH! ROCK ON! Scribum got pwnd. Ya rly! Lyrica is nothing but a rotting failure. RedEnchilada is a dead loser. Hakupony is not worthy. Stumperman has the IQ of a frozen carrot. Even my grandmother would beat #" !bgo

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 04:36:04 UTC from web
  7. I haven't talked to you guys in FOREVER! How have you guys been! :DDD

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:35:59 UTC from web
  8. "Dick Cheney dances on your grave." !bgo

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:34:04 UTC from web
    • Does anypony have Saints Row the Third on PC? I just beat it, and now I just wanna run around and blow stuff up with people.

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:27:51 UTC from web
    • !bgo From now on, tags: # is Free-For-All, # is All-For-One teams, # is One-For-All teams.

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:11:19 UTC from web
    • I really don't care that I typo'd the name, let's have a game. Standard RDN rules apply. !bgo # #

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:10:23 UTC from web
      • "BitShift is made of pure awesome!" !bgo

        Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:07:22 UTC from web
        • Lyrica has the IQ of a frozen carrot. !bgo

          Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:06:49 UTC from web
          • This game of !bgo... it might not be the best, but it's definitely up there. <3

            Friday, 08-Jun-12 03:02:52 UTC from web
          • I just made @bitshift fall in love with me during our game of !bgo. :3

            Friday, 08-Jun-12 02:57:46 UTC from web
          • @redenchilada is trying to make kissing with me! D: !bgo

            Friday, 08-Jun-12 02:57:16 UTC from web
            • One for all, dragging it out to 200. !bgo #

              Friday, 08-Jun-12 02:04:41 UTC from web
            • !bgo "BitShift isn't worthy of ever playing Board Game again!"

              Friday, 08-Jun-12 01:59:15 UTC from web
            • OK HERE YOU GO YOU INGRATES. !bgo #

              Friday, 08-Jun-12 01:53:16 UTC from web
            • there gonna be any !bgo tonight?

              Friday, 08-Jun-12 01:40:52 UTC from web
            • Good game, everyone. !bgo

              Thursday, 07-Jun-12 06:31:11 UTC from web
            • !bgo @redenchilada won

              Thursday, 07-Jun-12 06:17:40 UTC from web
              • So tired...

                Thursday, 07-Jun-12 05:57:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • @redenchilada is winning !bgo by almost 300 spaces. leave now? y/n?

                Thursday, 07-Jun-12 05:52:43 UTC from web
              • Actually ignore this repost, I just need it in the !bgo group.

                Thursday, 07-Jun-12 05:45:30 UTC from web
                • Moo-moo moo moo-moo moo

                  Thursday, 07-Jun-12 05:27:48 UTC from web
                • dangit! I'm lonely! What pony-type remedy is there for this?

                  Thursday, 07-Jun-12 03:49:24 UTC from web
                • Blah I hate overcontrolling parents, especially ones that break deals with you. xD

                  Thursday, 07-Jun-12 03:23:28 UTC from web
                • man, the regular show is pretty good.

                  Thursday, 07-Jun-12 02:54:56 UTC from web
                • @redenchilada how about some of that !bgo ? please?

                  Thursday, 07-Jun-12 03:16:04 UTC from web