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Fans of Bronyville

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For fans of the amazing podcast by Apple Cider and Chef Sandy and the discussion thereof.

Fans of Bronyville (bronyville) group


  1. WHAT's up!?

    Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 02:10:34 UTC from web
  2. Listening to "Pony Swag". Freaking great song. If you want it, go to iTunes and search up bronyville and find the bronyville lineup hour. There's a cherrieston of sick music there

    Thursday, 19-Apr-12 03:19:57 UTC from web
  3. Reason why i like attending Brony Meetups : It's a group of people , well at least in my local meetup group. I know one brony that make custom ponies so that's epic, I have a large group of bronies together especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do have fun in the meetups that i attended so far. And a couple of bronies also attended BroNYCon which is epic. And you group Bronies of Northern California ( BONC ) at has 200+ bronies on our group. Also we have Apple Cider from the !bronyville podcast. !sfbronies on RDN

    Monday, 05-Mar-12 03:16:45 UTC from web
    • !Bronyville Pins up close

      Sunday, 19-Feb-12 06:47:54 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • So many Pony Pins :D I got today !Bronyville

        Sunday, 19-Feb-12 06:42:38 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • Hey # imbavm from my Brony meetup at Animation on Display today and going again tommarow :3

          Sunday, 19-Feb-12 06:30:55 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • Apple Cider & Chef Sandy will be at Animation on Display !bronyville !sfbronies and also Mic The Microphone too yay!

          Saturday, 18-Feb-12 04:24:42 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • I'm just so excited for the animation on Display meetup on Saturday !sfbronies Chef Sandy and Apple Cider will be there !Bronyville

            Friday, 17-Feb-12 03:30:25 UTC from web
            • @alias yah our meetup group is great. BONC - Bronies of Northern California - run by Apple Cider from !bronyville podcast :3

              Sunday, 12-Feb-12 05:54:01 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            • !Awwyeahh !brOnyville !facehoof !hugs !mog !dasherz !Pipsqueakfans !newlunarrepublic !thegame !Unionofunicorns !ledg !moonstuck !spitfire !newtopic !luna !Princessanemi !royalcanterlotvoice !psl !legoponies !ponyoverdose !Canterlotforum !daringdo and drink some juice for !rdndrinkinggame because I'm not 21

              Tuesday, 07-Feb-12 01:53:30 UTC from web
            • !sfbronies I wonder if Apple Cider [ !Bronyville Podcast ] will show up in the next meetup? we'll have to wait and see

              Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 07:52:59 UTC from web
              • !sfbronies It was fun raiding Toys R Us & Target at the meetup :3 , lol following Apple Cider ( !Bronyville ) around like a conga line xD

                Sunday, 22-Jan-12 10:24:39 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                • Hey # , I'm back from my Brony Meetup ! I hanged out with Apple Cider for the !Bronyville Podcast during the meetup it was fun :3 , Also @Nymo too!

                  Sunday, 22-Jan-12 06:39:21 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                • wait... My 2nd meetup today ... I just talked with Apple Cider from !Bronyville podcast YAY!!!!

                  Monday, 19-Dec-11 07:27:02 UTC from web
                  • Man I'm behind on the !Bronyville podcast , I should really listen to the podcast more in order to catch up to the new Episode ...

                    Friday, 25-Nov-11 06:52:13 UTC from web
                    • !bronyville 'He was making British Food... y'know, really bad for you stuff'. Sorry guys, but POT. KETTLE. BLACK?!

                      Wednesday, 09-Nov-11 11:59:36 UTC from web
                      • 'I won the internet, by the way. If you ever wanna look at it - it's over at my house.' Apple Cider !bronyville

                        Wednesday, 09-Nov-11 10:36:39 UTC from web
                      • Well, I must away... I'll be watching paint dry while listening to 70s "pop" / !bronyville. Take care one and all!

                        Wednesday, 09-Nov-11 09:57:22 UTC from web
                        • Y U NO READ MY LETTER, !bronyville?

                          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 22:32:45 UTC from web
                        • New Friendship is Witchcraft?! That, my friend, is the hottest of dogs.

                          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 22:08:47 UTC from web
                        • !bronyville surprisingly catchy little song made from Apple Cider's voice:

                          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 22:20:35 UTC from web