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The RDN Drinking Game!

The RDN Drinking Game!

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Every time X says Y, take a drink!

The RDN Drinking Game! (rdndrinkinggame) group


  1. !takeadrink every time pony should pony pony.

    Tuesday, 26-Mar-13 19:37:23 UTC from web
  2. Every time #, !takeadrink. Every time !takeadrrink, # Repeat infinitely! DIE GLORIOUSLY!!

    Thursday, 18-Dec-14 22:14:34 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  3. What we need is an RDN drinking game.

    Thursday, 18-Dec-14 21:13:29 UTC from web
  4. The overall iq of this website dropped at least 20 points a over the last minute

    Monday, 25-Aug-14 02:31:13 UTC from web
  5. Equestria Girls Trailer Followup - Notable Points of Interest from the Trailer: We are getting absolutely swarmed with emails of did you see x in the trailer! so lets do one of those good old fashioned episode followup style posts specifically for it! Head on down past the break for a whole bunch of notable pieces, from background characters to Twilight Sparkle not being a pony.  Sadly there isn't an HD version yet, so >

    Monday, 13-May-13 16:10:08 UTC from Sethisto
  6. # Every time @rarity complains about eqdpony, take a drink.

    Thursday, 25-Apr-13 18:10:20 UTC from web
  7. *takes a drink*

    Wednesday, 24-Apr-13 05:57:56 UTC from web
  8. Also !takeadrink

    Tuesday, 23-Apr-13 03:14:10 UTC from web
    • Woo, !takeadrink! :D

      Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 06:47:27 UTC from web
      • !takeadrink

        Tuesday, 09-Apr-13 23:51:29 UTC from web
        • Oh, hell, !takeadrink XD

          Tuesday, 09-Apr-13 23:40:54 UTC from web
          • @samefron that's not a pony

            Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:03:17 UTC from web
          • !takeadrink

            Wednesday, 03-Apr-13 21:02:41 UTC from web
            • !takeadrink

              Saturday, 30-Mar-13 12:45:37 UTC from web
              • One of the old !takeadrink things was whenever I expressed myself through drawings, I wonder if anyone ever died from that one alone. Or at least got alcohol poisoning.

                Tuesday, 26-Mar-13 03:11:03 UTC from web
              • *Takes a drink*

                Tuesday, 26-Mar-13 03:00:58 UTC from web
              • !RDNdrinkinggame

                Monday, 25-Mar-13 23:34:56 UTC from web
                • !takeadrink

                  Tuesday, 19-Mar-13 18:48:37 UTC from web
                • Fillies and gentlecolts, it is now Tuesday all over the world. !takeadrink every time someone unironically posts an image of a pony lamenting 9/11, not realising how bringing stupid fandoms into real-world tragedies is incredibly disrespectful.

                  Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 10:02:40 UTC from web
                • Anypony posting something that makes sense...

                  Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 00:17:27 UTC from StatusNet Android
                • !takeadrink every time Rainbow Dash acts like a jerk. You will be mourned.

                  Monday, 18-Jun-12 13:15:52 UTC from web
                • Somepony, please get me out of bed -_-

                  Thursday, 17-May-12 10:03:29 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • [b]Everfree Northwest Announces: Lee Tockar[/b]: We've been wondering, we've been waiting, and now the big convention out west has at last announced their first VA! A one-time sorrowful serpent is making his way through the Pacific to say hello. And rumor has it, this is just the opening of the floodgates. How wonderful! August is going to be an exciting month indeed. Here, let me not waste your time, and give you the offi >

                  Wednesday, 16-May-12 03:42:06 UTC from Phoe
                • 21 years old... Is it wrong that I feel absolutly nothing about the fact that I've reached this stage in my life? It's jsut another day to me. I feel nothing for it, infact, I'm going out tomarrow and donating plasma and filling out job applications. Nothing has changhed. Whats the point of being excited?

                  Tuesday, 15-May-12 05:03:53 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                • 'evening everypony.

                  Tuesday, 15-May-12 02:22:26 UTC from web
                • i dont let my girlfriend play my ps3 for 2 reason : 1- i dont have a ps3. 3- i dont have a girlfriend

                  Tuesday, 15-May-12 02:05:24 UTC from web
                • Anyway. Genderswap RDN. Go.

                  Sunday, 06-May-12 21:41:44 UTC from web

                  Friday, 04-May-12 11:58:14 UTC from web