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fans of luna

fans of luna

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this is a group for bronies who love the princess of the night.

fans of luna (luna) group



    Monday, 07-Apr-14 06:02:25 UTC from web
    • wow. !saved @#Luna !Luna

      Wednesday, 04-Dec-13 02:29:15 UTC from web
    • !luna Yay!

      Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 00:59:47 UTC from web
      • Whoa wait why am I in the !luna group?

        Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 00:52:42 UTC from web
      • Somepony explain the anatomy to me in this !art !Luna

        Friday, 05-Jul-13 13:35:23 UTC from web
      • Blame !Luna @#Luna

        Wednesday, 29-May-13 11:54:12 UTC from web
        • !ppr !saved # picks -- !Twilight_Sparkle @#Twilight -- # @#Spitfire -- !Luna @#Luna -- !Fluttershy @#Fluttershy -- !Celestia @#Celestia -- !Pinkie_Pie @#Pinkie -- !Rainbow_Dash @#RD -- # -- # @#Derpy -- # @#Vinyl -- #

          Thursday, 23-May-13 20:01:15 UTC from web
        • # !Twilight !Celestia !Luna

          Friday, 10-May-13 01:14:50 UTC from web
        • @#Luna !Luna !ppr

          Friday, 19-Apr-13 16:43:23 UTC from web
          • My favorite nickname for @#Luna to date !Luna

            Friday, 12-Apr-13 17:44:06 UTC from web
            • (paragraph enhanced) !ponypicturerampage @#RD !Rainbow_Dash @#AJ !Applejack @#Pinkie !Pinkie_Pie @#Derpy # @#Luna @#Celestia !Luna !Celestia @#Twilight !Twilight_Sparkle @#Rarity !Rarity # #

              Thursday, 04-Apr-13 01:03:22 UTC from web
            • @#Luna !Luna #

              Thursday, 14-Feb-13 16:54:34 UTC from web
              • @#Celestia @#Luna !Celestia !Luna #

                Thursday, 14-Feb-13 16:50:54 UTC from web
                • ooh.. # @#Luna !Luna #

                  Sunday, 10-Feb-13 06:31:16 UTC from web
                  • !Luna !Celestia @#Luna @#Celestia

                    Wednesday, 06-Feb-13 07:14:06 UTC from web
                    • @#Celetia @#Luna # !Luna !Celestia

                      Thursday, 13-Dec-12 16:15:41 UTC from web
                    • ATTENTION ALL REDDITORS! do you like adorable pics of !Luna and Woona? then you should subscribe to its my subreddit and would really help me out! thanx!

                      Thursday, 29-Nov-12 02:05:40 UTC from web
                      • Luna is best princess, even though she hardly talks and in the one episode where she had a majority of the lines she learns that stealing candy is acceptable behavior.

                        Wednesday, 14-Nov-12 22:27:45 UTC from web
                      • @mushi

                        Tuesday, 13-Nov-12 23:40:37 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      • How's it going, bros?

                        Wednesday, 07-Nov-12 00:42:49 UTC from web
                      • !luna has 43 members! :3 so happy.

                        Wednesday, 07-Nov-12 00:17:29 UTC from web
                        • !animators I made this group. Join it or I'll break your face!

                          Wednesday, 07-Nov-12 00:08:44 UTC from web
                        • lets see how many members are in my !luna group since i've been gone :3 ... HOLY MOSES IVE BEEN GONE A LONG TIME.

                          Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 19:49:15 UTC from web
                          • @woona Not really. Even if Luna is my spirit animal.

                            Wednesday, 11-Jul-12 10:21:17 UTC from web
                          • @woona I didn't either. Yesterday I discovered the !trixie group and it had links to all of the others, which included a !luna group and a !scootaloo group. *hughugs tight*

                            Sunday, 08-Jul-12 09:18:40 UTC from web
                          • @starlight btw, i LOVE your avatar! :D

                            Tuesday, 12-Jun-12 18:26:34 UTC from web
                          • !luna is best pony. I love the art style of this one. #

                            Thursday, 08-Mar-12 03:36:55 UTC from web
                          • alright now !applejack !pinkieism !pinkiepie !fluttershy !rainbowdash !rarity !twilightfans !twilightsparkle !scootaloo !braeburn !spitfire !celestiafanclub !princesslunafans !luna !trixie !pipsqueakfans !snailsfans more soon

                            Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 21:21:17 UTC from web
                            • the thing thats awesome about !luna is that she doesn't over-glorify herself. she's much more down to earth than her sister.

                              Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 23:27:41 UTC from web
                              • who do u guys like more tia or luna i like luna more personally

                                Monday, 20-Feb-12 02:13:03 UTC from web