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Princess Luna Fans

Princess Luna Fans

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For all fans of Princess Luna!

Princess Luna Fans (princesslunafans) group


  1. alright now !applejack !pinkieism !pinkiepie !fluttershy !rainbowdash !rarity !twilightfans !twilightsparkle !scootaloo !braeburn !spitfire !celestiafanclub !princesslunafans !luna !trixie !pipsqueakfans !snailsfans more soon

    Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 21:21:17 UTC from web
    • @luna4life !followersofnightmarenight !lunaarmy !princesslunafans !nmr !newlunarrepublic !moonstuck !luna !lunarrepublic some luna groups for you!

      Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 04:57:41 UTC from web
      • There's a !luna group now? Kay. # ... Wait, there's ALSO !lunafans ... Oh my..

        Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:41:05 UTC from web
      • lol there's two luna fan groups this !luna group & !princesslunafans group xD

        Thursday, 09-Feb-12 01:32:50 UTC from web
      • join ALL the fanclubs! !opallovers !rarity !lunarrepublic !princesslunafans !celestiafanclub !spike !twilightfans !applejack !vinyl !octavia !fluttershy !rainbowdash !colgate !pinkieism !trekkieponies and might as well !broniesforever !derpyhoovescentral !equestriagaming !convert !haventreadit !vancouverbronies

        Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 23:59:26 UTC from web
      • This is partly just a test, but also because the !princesslunafans group seriously needs some love, here. *pout*

        Wednesday, 13-Jul-11 03:33:15 UTC from web
      • !princesslunafans has 66 members. WE NEED MOAR.

        Friday, 01-Jul-11 08:01:04 UTC from web
      • aahhh this! I really really hope there's more of this cuteness is season 2. !plf

        Thursday, 12-May-11 09:51:03 UTC from web
        • Woo, fixed the logo! !plf

          Tuesday, 10-May-11 22:17:39 UTC from web
          • It is definitely not my browser screwing up. The !plf group picture is broken. ((tears)) @moonprincess

            Monday, 25-Apr-11 21:09:51 UTC from web
          • !princesslunafans desperately needs an icon that is not a lot of text. Luna is neglected. :( @moonprincess Of course, it might just be my browser screwing up...

            Monday, 25-Apr-11 18:24:24 UTC from web
            • Everyone should join !princesslunafans . Then we can take over the world with amazing moon powe - uh. Friendship.

              Friday, 08-Apr-11 15:40:24 UTC from web
            • !princesslunafans has 21 members! #

              Thursday, 07-Apr-11 19:35:42 UTC from web
              • !princesslunafans What ideas do you have for the episode(s) I'll be appearing in in season 2? I've also added plf, plfans, and lunafans to our aliases, so you don't have to type it out every time :)

                Thursday, 07-Apr-11 05:23:25 UTC from web
                • @rainbowdashmod # I'm sorry ;A; Oh, and use # for tags such as the OOC one, and ! for groups, like so !princesslunafans

                  Thursday, 07-Apr-11 05:18:52 UTC from web