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A meeting place for fans of Twilight Sparkle's dragon friend, Spike. All hail the sarcasm!

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  1. @#Twilight @#Spike !Twilight_Sparkle !Spike

    Tuesday, 29-Jan-13 15:13:55 UTC from web
    • join ALL the fanclubs! !opallovers !rarity !lunarrepublic !princesslunafans !celestiafanclub !spike !twilightfans !applejack !vinyl !octavia !fluttershy !rainbowdash !colgate !pinkieism !trekkieponies and might as well !broniesforever !derpyhoovescentral !equestriagaming !convert !haventreadit !vancouverbronies

      Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 23:59:26 UTC from web
    • @princessluna Is this it? It's $15 at my TRU.

      Thursday, 02-Jun-11 17:44:39 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • So, am I the only one who doesn't recognize the scene with !Spike checking out the sammich in the extended !equestriagirls video?

      Friday, 27-May-11 14:49:50 UTC from web
    • Woo donut time!

      Friday, 20-May-11 18:23:45 UTC from web
    • !Spike really needs to go into Dick Dastardly mode more often. It was nice to see the 'stache make a glorious return.

      Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 14:16:33 UTC from web
    • A !Spike centric episode? Epic win.

      Monday, 25-Apr-11 15:37:54 UTC from web
    • Finally watched this week's episode. I think I love !spike even more now.

      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 17:49:15 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    • Anyone in !Spike who hasn't checked out the current episode yet should make a point of doing so. Lots of enjoyment shall be had.

      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 16:49:10 UTC from web
    • @ - Anyone who cares - there is now a !Spike fan club. :D

      Friday, 15-Apr-11 13:20:48 UTC from web
      • A !Spike group! I am rather pleased. <3

        Thursday, 14-Apr-11 18:09:40 UTC from web