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Colgate Fanclub

Colgate Fanclub

!colgate brushie minuette

For all the fans of your favorite dentist pony! Brushie brushie!

Colgate Fanclub (colgate) group


  1. This just in (11 months ago): !colgate is best pony.

    Thursday, 20-Dec-12 09:36:31 UTC from web
  2. I leave you all with this parting gift. !Colgate

    Thursday, 12-Apr-12 07:43:20 UTC from web
  3. !Colgate - Man this group is dead. xD

    Thursday, 12-Apr-12 03:11:48 UTC from web
  4. What's that? !Colgate isn't best pony?

    Sunday, 25-Mar-12 23:08:14 UTC from web
    • @minti you never told me all the groups you made!

      Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 22:39:32 UTC from web
    • I have made at least 9 groups.

      Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 22:13:01 UTC from web
    • Someone give me a number 32 or less!

      Saturday, 18-Feb-12 23:39:12 UTC from web
    • How 'bout some soarin?

      Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 16:34:31 UTC from web
    • Groups of mine: !promote, !papercraft, !under21, !princessanemi, !trekkieponies

      Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 00:55:30 UTC from web
    • join ALL the fanclubs! !opallovers !rarity !lunarrepublic !princesslunafans !celestiafanclub !spike !twilightfans !applejack !vinyl !octavia !fluttershy !rainbowdash !colgate !pinkieism !trekkieponies and might as well !broniesforever !derpyhoovescentral !equestriagaming !convert !haventreadit !vancouverbronies

      Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 23:59:26 UTC from web
    • @eqdpony !colgate is best pony

      Sunday, 29-Jan-12 02:42:53 UTC from web
      • So yeah i just made a new oc.. great

        Thursday, 26-Jan-12 02:35:39 UTC from web
      • !colgate IS best pony. xD

        Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 18:24:22 UTC from web
      • Still raging that they called her !minuette in the blind bags though

        Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 18:25:03 UTC from web
        • !colgate is best pony

          Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 18:24:00 UTC from web
        • !brushie

          Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 02:28:39 UTC from web
          • - repeated this.