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New Lunar Republic

New Lunar Republic

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The moon Colony

"For Luna we fight, For Luna we die.
We stand in the night, until in the ground we lie."

New Lunar Republic (lunarrepublic) group


  1. guys please join the group NuLuRep, I need Members and the first 2 or 3 to do so gets automatic admin status

    Saturday, 13-Jul-13 03:39:52 UTC from web
  2. !NLR !PPR # without her armor.

    Monday, 20-May-13 06:37:19 UTC from web
  3. !PPR !NLR # pendant.

    Thursday, 02-May-13 20:21:56 UTC from web
  4. !PPR !NLR # aka #!

    Thursday, 02-May-13 20:03:54 UTC from web
    • !PPR # vs. !NLR

      Friday, 26-Apr-13 14:02:33 UTC from web
    • !NLR

      Thursday, 21-Mar-13 12:40:43 UTC from web
      • !NLR Just read that # made it into the mane 6 during the last herd census, whereas # is the least favourite pony among the available options.

        Monday, 18-Mar-13 15:38:07 UTC from web
        • # # Twilight Sparkle used Imperio!

          Monday, 18-Feb-13 13:09:53 UTC from web
        • !extrememetalbronies !heavymetalbronies !NLR From „A Thousand Suns“ by Abigail Williams --- Along the shores tonight· Scatter the ashes of a fallen empire· the time is nigh· · Like blue mantles under the night sky· this night will last forever ---

          Saturday, 16-Feb-13 11:37:26 UTC from web
          • !NLR, your fellow ponies on G+ need your help. We are outnumbered and betrayed! On the 13th of January I started an NLR group on G+, because there wasn't one for me to join. A couple of days ago a new NLR group opened quickly gaining a huge number of members. Because we all fought for the same goals I finally recommended everypony to join with them (after a day of pouting, I have to admit) — that was a grave mistake. This new larger group of ponies turned out to be a bunch of spineless traitors, who made peace with Celestia. Forsaking our ideals of equality, freedom and democracy for everypony. Now I beg you to join the fight, denounce the traitors and clean Luna's name from the stain of these defilers!

            Thursday, 14-Feb-13 10:12:02 UTC from web
            • !NLR And here comes our favourite princess #!

              Tuesday, 05-Feb-13 07:03:31 UTC from web
            • Right from the !NLR, Princess # the teenager.

              Tuesday, 05-Feb-13 06:49:43 UTC from web
              • !NLR Apparently there's a storm called # over Northern America. All hail the Princess Luna, Queen of Darkness, Wrath of the Stars, Sheltering Moon, Guardian of Dreams and now also Heart of the Storm!

                Saturday, 26-Jan-13 22:09:09 UTC from web
              • # always looks a little anorexic to me. # should make sure she puts on a little weight.

                Friday, 25-Jan-13 18:31:50 UTC from web
              • @widget do you have an idea why my !solarempire references don't work?

                Friday, 18-Jan-13 06:01:23 UTC from web
              • I WAS WRONG

                Friday, 18-Jan-13 05:46:51 UTC from web
              • Should I be appalled that there is music catered to the !solarempire?

                Friday, 18-Jan-13 03:16:25 UTC from web
              • My !NLR G+ „community“ finally got its own logo/artwork. # # # # #

                Friday, 18-Jan-13 02:15:50 UTC from web
                • What's you favorite kind of # RDN? ♥

                  Monday, 14-Jan-13 21:46:45 UTC from web
                • I just discovered there's now a Community thingy in G+. Which was sorely missing. I cannot find brony community (there are only a couple of local ones). Anyone up to starting an !NLR community on G+?

                  Sunday, 13-Jan-13 22:24:42 UTC from web
                • !NLR „Lunar Republic Takeover now airing on EFN's audio stream!“

                  Friday, 11-Jan-13 23:12:44 UTC from web
                • !NLR # # # #

                  Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 03:08:36 UTC from web
                  • The !Lunarrepublic will rise! #

                    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 03:03:12 UTC from web
                    • May the night last forever. # !NLR

                      Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 02:55:38 UTC from web
                      • Dreaming of the !NLR.

                        Monday, 07-Jan-13 20:32:32 UTC from web
                      • !lunarrepublic, why is it Lunar and not Luna?

                        Monday, 31-Dec-12 02:54:13 UTC from web
                      • the sky looks great, lots of stars! which ponies are responsible for this?

                        Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 02:03:31 UTC from web
                      • !rdncomic *cough* !nlr *cough*

                        Sunday, 18-Mar-12 17:31:07 UTC from web
                        • @greydragon412 for the !nlr !

                          Tuesday, 13-Mar-12 20:48:46 UTC from web
                        • HOW IS EVERYPONY? sorry i left caps on

                          Thursday, 01-Mar-12 02:01:49 UTC from web