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LEGO Ponies

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We like LEGO! Anypony is welcome, but started by a lower mainland pony.

LEGO Ponies (legoponies) group


  1. in sevenoaks mall yesterday, there was a lego event for canuck place and I got a little set designed by robin sather! !lego

    Sunday, 08-Apr-12 23:53:15 UTC from web
    • My face when both Braeburn and Rarity's VAs worked on the old Bionicle movies. Those were a huge part of my childhood, finding that out made me squee. !lego

      Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 23:43:19 UTC from web
    • anypony know where I can get a custom painted !lego horse? I want a pinkie pie in my lego sets.

      Monday, 05-Mar-12 23:27:32 UTC from web
      • Just got a new !lego minifigure!

        Monday, 05-Mar-12 23:25:01 UTC from web
        • !lego a couple days ago I got this set.

          Thursday, 01-Mar-12 15:48:12 UTC from web
          • Totally just joined the !legoponies group, #

            Monday, 20-Feb-12 06:54:31 UTC from web
            • maybe if I go to the states I can get some !lego

              Friday, 17-Feb-12 18:33:00 UTC from web
              • !Awwyeahh !brOnyville !facehoof !hugs !mog !dasherz !Pipsqueakfans !newlunarrepublic !thegame !Unionofunicorns !ledg !moonstuck !spitfire !newtopic !luna !Princessanemi !royalcanterlotvoice !psl !legoponies !ponyoverdose !Canterlotforum !daringdo and drink some juice for !rdndrinkinggame because I'm not 21

                Tuesday, 07-Feb-12 01:53:30 UTC from web
              • @zimzap here you go! !legoponies

                Monday, 06-Feb-12 04:02:45 UTC from web
                • @lyokotravels # what lego do you have/had?

                  Monday, 06-Feb-12 04:00:03 UTC from web
                • Nobody is a !legoponies #

                  Monday, 06-Feb-12 03:57:59 UTC from web
                • Hey! Are you a !legolovers? Do you want everyone to know? Join !legoponies today! #

                  Monday, 06-Feb-12 02:28:57 UTC from web