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Earthbound / MOTHER Fans

Earthbound / MOTHER Fans

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Hi! =D This is a group for all you EB / MOTHER 1, 2, and or 3 fans out there! PK Friendship all the way!

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Earthbound / MOTHER Fans (ebponies) group


  1. Well actually I haven't played Mother 4 but that's not an "official" entry in the franchise, it's a fanmade game inspired by the series. I'd still love to play it sometime though, it looks lovely.

    Tuesday, 16-Jun-15 20:37:10 UTC from web
  2. I'm reliably informed that Earthbound, in fact, stinks

    Tuesday, 16-Jun-15 20:41:26 UTC from web
  3. !ebponies

    Thursday, 31-May-12 22:27:04 UTC from web
    • Ooohhh I have some ponies in my !earthbound group now! Awesome! Hi guise! =3

      Saturday, 24-Mar-12 07:12:44 UTC from web
      • @misterjaybrown You're old enough to weild a sword, you're old enough to talk to your parents. Go for it!

        Saturday, 24-Mar-12 05:14:21 UTC from web
      • greydragon412 # well. now i need to see the pic again

        Thursday, 22-Mar-12 07:20:27 UTC from web
      • can anyone tell me of a good game to play? (single-player)

        Saturday, 25-Feb-12 23:20:34 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      • Alright. Bed time. Night y'all!

        Friday, 24-Feb-12 05:45:15 UTC from web
      • @colfax My group was removed (at least I think, it's not there anymore), and it was the only one that had any people in it. I'm sorry if it didn't seem "worthy" I guess, but it was based off of a joke. I can understand, just a little disheartened. (!pett)

        Thursday, 09-Feb-12 03:15:42 UTC from web
      • Made a new group! I have wayyy too many of 'em. !ebponies !pett !twidash !pinkfloydponies

        Thursday, 09-Feb-12 03:06:43 UTC from web
      • My groups (from oldest to newest): !ebponies !pett and now !twidash !

        Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 01:07:06 UTC from web

          Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 00:17:01 UTC from web
        • Hey! Are you a !legolovers? Do you want everyone to know? Join !legoponies today! #

          Monday, 06-Feb-12 02:28:57 UTC from web
        • i would love to control time...

          Wednesday, 01-Feb-12 03:30:56 UTC from web
        • I want something fired to eat..

          Wednesday, 01-Feb-12 02:57:19 UTC from web
        • uses PK Friendship Ω! You cannot grasp the true power of the attack! (# # # # !ebponies)

          Monday, 30-Jan-12 22:31:17 UTC from web
        • One last thing. If anypony here likes Earthbound / Mother, please consider joining my group, !ebponies ! =3 Thanks in advance! /)^3^(\

          Monday, 30-Jan-12 04:03:01 UTC from web
        • Anyone here love Earthbound as much as I do? Join !ebponies , the only MOTHER/Earthbound group in RDN so far! /)^3^(\

          Monday, 30-Jan-12 00:13:13 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Aww no Earthbound fans here???

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 05:05:41 UTC from web
          • Having PK Teleport would be awesome. That is one of my deep wishes in life. ...That and to be able to hug Dashie. /)^3^(\ # # # # !vgp

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 04:56:44 UTC from web