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Cerulean International Assistance.

Cerulean International Assistance.

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Cerulean Spark seems to have a crappy job, and we think that he shouldn't have to put up with the abuse that he gets.

Cerulean International Assistance. (cia) group


  1. !cia @ceruleanspark They should be grateful that a wonderful pony like you is working for them. You deserve better than this.

    Friday, 04-Nov-11 10:08:33 UTC from web
  2. !cia I can do stuff... just ask me to do it. I hate your being in this situation.

    Friday, 04-Nov-11 10:01:00 UTC from web
    • Oh no! Was the !cia too late to save @ceruleanspark? It can't be! Spark? Spark? Spaaaaaarrrrkk! *Dun dun, dun dun dunnn, dun dun dun, dun, dunnn "Mission Failed"*

      Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 11:57:54 UTC from web
      • Join !phl. For great justice.

        Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 09:26:35 UTC from web
      • !cia. Cerulean is working through ponies today. Partly, I assume, because his employers are a bag of c**ks. Thus... NO SPOILERS POST-EP... PLEEEASE!

        Saturday, 15-Oct-11 09:26:12 UTC from web
      • !cia SHOO BE DOO

        Friday, 14-Oct-11 14:37:55 UTC from Spaz
        • I have been prescribed different pills. Citalopram this time. I have also made a counsellors appointment but that's not until november.

          Friday, 14-Oct-11 09:20:25 UTC from Spaz
        • !cia wishes Cerulean has a productive appointment.

          Friday, 14-Oct-11 08:55:54 UTC from web
          • And my manager just had a go at me for wanting time off to see a doctor. This is great.

            Thursday, 13-Oct-11 10:30:50 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • I think it says a lot about me that I can't even decide which way would be the best way to end my life. Pills? I've got two months worth of high strength antidepressants. I imagine that that much neurotransmitter surpressant would do me no good at all, but it's too slow. Someone could interfere. Slit my wrists? I've got the knife right here. I was gonna do it yesterday but then I chickened out. Jump off/under something? It doesn't seem fair to whoever has to clean up, or the driver of whatever vehicle I use. Hanging? My office has a nice oak beam, but I'd have to buy a rope and I'm kiwity at tying knots. I can't get a gun, and modern cars are too safe for me to just run mine into something. Self immolation appeals to me on an intellectual level but I bet it hurts like a mangoes. Suffocation? It's thorough and comparatively painless, but what could I actually do it with? My car is too environmentally friendly to gas me and my cooker is electric.

            Thursday, 13-Oct-11 09:18:54 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
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            • @ceruleanspark Your perception of suicide is flawed. Most who commit suicide do not think about committing suicide, they just do it. No rhyme or reason to it, it's just done. You've also hesitated at the perfect moment to commit suicide, that shows me you still have the will to live even if it is relatively low. I believe you need to instead ask yourself this question: Is it worth it? It might end any pain that is, at best, TEMPORARY, but it also ends your consciousness, your intelligence, your BEING. You know what happens after that last breath? Neither do i, and quite frankly it scares the hell out of me what could be after. It could be heaven, it could be damnation.... it could be nothing.... my existence fading? no thanks. Take into consideration these words and the joyous moments you'd lose all because of some issues that have the potential to be resolved. Life is how YOU make it. Take the bigger step and live... do it for the Mane6... do it for Equestria.

              Thursday, 13-Oct-11 09:40:22 UTC in context
            • @rotation It's funny because she was actually calling me when you sent that.

              Thursday, 13-Oct-11 09:42:18 UTC in context
            • @ceruleanspark Did you speak to her?

              Thursday, 13-Oct-11 09:44:22 UTC in context
          • Feel like I should just get on with it and stop wasting everyponies time TBH. I hate people that posture about suicide and never do it.

            Thursday, 13-Oct-11 08:57:56 UTC from StatusNet Desktop

            Thursday, 13-Oct-11 08:29:11 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • Rarity's rape-face when she says "Really, I insist" is terrifying.

            Wednesday, 12-Oct-11 18:10:39 UTC from web
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            • @astra D'aww. I'm sorry to hear that Sweetie. And thank you *blushie* hehe ^.^ I try to be as nice as possible. I understand about the legal and security issues about certain jobs. I used to be hidden behind it all as well. Well, as I say if you ever just want to have your regular normal chat just to relax. I'm always open ^.^ quite a few ponies on here I think will agree I can be quite the charmer and make a pony be a little happier. :D

              Wednesday, 12-Oct-11 20:49:42 UTC in context
            • @ceruleanspark Ohhh, ouch! I've been in that position before, and it's no fun at all. (Being stuck in a job without any support, or anyone around who even understands what you do, yet demands that you do it all RIGHT NOW and the way they want it, even if they don't even know what it is that they want. Not hanging from the rafters of the barn.) I do hope that things get better there, somehow. And that you're looking for better work. A job like that hardly seems holding onto. :( But no hanging from the rafters, unless you're dangling about by an arm or a leg and yelling, "WHEEEEEE!" :)

              Wednesday, 12-Oct-11 20:53:16 UTC in context
            • @ceruleanspark I'm not sure what to say, you've obviously seen more of the world than I have. I'd just say not to give up hope on that happy ending, once you surrender is when stuff gets really bad.

              Wednesday, 12-Oct-11 20:55:29 UTC in context
          • Call upon the !cia ponies. We shall overcome.

            Wednesday, 12-Oct-11 10:17:10 UTC from web