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Edinburgh Bronies

Edinburgh Bronies


Edinburgh, Scotland

A group that'll hopefully lead to fans of MLP:FIM based in Scotland (Scoltland?) meeting face-to-face!

Edinburgh Bronies (edinburghbronies) group


  1. !edinburghbronies proposed meetup: On 13/04/2013, Dundee Scotland @ DOJ CON, anyone up for that???

    Thursday, 28-Mar-13 00:53:05 UTC from web
    • !edinburghbronies when is the next meet up

      Sunday, 16-Dec-12 21:04:18 UTC from web
    • !edinburghbronies When is next meet up? D: I really want to go to this one.

      Friday, 21-Dec-12 19:12:33 UTC from web
      • !edinburghbronies When is the next meetup?

        Saturday, 15-Dec-12 21:52:12 UTC from web
        • Just a reminder that !edinburghbronies are having a meetup tomorrow (in Edinburgh)! We shall be going round the German Market and the Christmas Fair. 12pm at the Scot Monument.

          Friday, 14-Dec-12 18:33:22 UTC from web
          • !edinburghbronies Hi, I'm new here. How's everyone doing? =D

            Wednesday, 17-Oct-12 20:08:48 UTC from web
          • Since they don't seem to have posted it, !edinburghbronies are having a meet on the 27th of October. Check their facebook page for info:

            Sunday, 14-Oct-12 19:51:56 UTC from web
            • @starblast Ah, ponyfeathers. By then I'll be back home in Sweden, so I can't join the !edinburghbronies for lasertag. Have fun, and, as in every contest, ALL GLORY TO THE NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC!

              Sunday, 12-Aug-12 19:35:15 UTC from web
              • The Edinburgh Brony Facebook Group and Page are finished and ready for you all the join! Page - Group - You’ll initially need to wait for us (being Gavin, Lewis and I) to approve you joining the group. The page will be the HQ for knowing when meet ups are on and updating you on where we are/what we are going to prepare for the next meetup! The group will be for everyone to discuss together about the show and to share your thoughts with each other. Thanks! !edinburghbronies @shadz @theapplebucker @creideiki

                Saturday, 28-Jul-12 22:56:50 UTC from web
              • !edinburghbronies I'm sad now. I wish I'd know about this group earlier. I wouldn't of missed that last meetup then ;_;

                Monday, 23-Jul-12 17:46:54 UTC from web
                • !edinburghbronies I am really sad that I missed the meet up today :( I would have come if it wasn't for me going to haven with gran and 2 sisters :'( I WILL make it next time (If there's gonna be a next time)

                  Saturday, 14-Jul-12 21:42:15 UTC from web
                  • !edinburghbronies Just a reminder of the meetup for anyone wanting to come

                    Thursday, 12-Jul-12 19:57:47 UTC from web
                  • Hows the foot? ^_^ @saturn

                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 15:05:31 UTC from web
                  • !edinburghbronies,526.0.html Next Brony meetup in Edinburgh details online now! @lovetolerateandsquee @easterhousebrony @digitaltimelord @starblast

                    Wednesday, 13-Jun-12 12:35:02 UTC from web
                  • !edinburghbronies I'm gonna be in town next weekend, anything going on?

                    Friday, 25-May-12 15:56:09 UTC from web
                    • !edinburghbronies Hey guys I've made a Youtube channel for the scottish bronies Here's the link

                      Monday, 14-May-12 17:08:00 UTC from web
                      • !edinburghbronies I can't BELIEVE I missed the meet D: I just knew there was something happening that I'd forgotten about. Oh well, I hope you all had fun, though! :) I'll try my best to make the next one~

                        Monday, 14-May-12 13:51:49 UTC from web
                        • !edinburghbronies Thank you to everyone who met up today in Edinburgh! Another meetup will be organised soon for the mid summer! Hopefully this time we will be indoors for most of it and we will be able to see some episodes and fan made stuff!

                          Saturday, 12-May-12 17:33:16 UTC from web
                        • !edinburghbronies I would love to meet bronys in Glasgow! What date will it be?

                          Friday, 11-May-12 15:46:59 UTC from web
                        • !edinburghbronies Another member just dropping in from the forums to say hello. :)

                          Thursday, 19-Apr-12 04:15:04 UTC from web
                          • !edinburghbronies !uk just to remind you all that this meetup discussion is still alive so please reply if interested.,268.msg2707.html

                            Monday, 12-Mar-12 22:16:12 UTC from web
                          • !edinburghbronies !uk The John Lewis department store in Edinburgh has one Fashion Style Rainbow Dash and two Pinkie Pies left, for £12.50 each.

                            Sunday, 18-Mar-12 14:07:58 UTC from web
                            • I really want to have a brony Skype chat soon, especially with people from !edinburghbronies...

                              Sunday, 11-Mar-12 16:36:44 UTC from web
                            • !edinburghbronies !uk @retrix @stereosounds @creideiki Update on the details can be viewed AGAIN on this:,268.msg2583.html#msg2583

                              Sunday, 04-Mar-12 19:45:45 UTC from web
                            • !edinburghbronies Here from the Forum, just saying hi. Also, might want to edit the group and make the tag a little shorter :P

                              Saturday, 10-Mar-12 23:55:31 UTC from web
                              • !edinburghbronies My Skype died, I need everyone's usernames again so we can plan a meetup. Mine's is SyntheticAudio.

                                Saturday, 10-Mar-12 21:32:10 UTC from web
                                • Only joined RDN about a week ago, and it's closing down soon? That's too bad. Well I'll still be on for !uk & !edinburghbronies, and I guess I'll check out this Equestria Coffee House, though it's not working for me right now.

                                  Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 21:47:48 UTC from web
                                • !edinburghbronies !uk @retrix @stereosounds @creideiki Planning a meetup in Edinburgh on the 17th, full details can be seen here:,268.msg2583.html#msg2583

                                  Sunday, 04-Mar-12 17:51:45 UTC from web
                                • @creideiki !edinburghbronies well its still open to move the date of the meetup which we'll probably have to do

                                  Sunday, 04-Mar-12 19:37:16 UTC from web
                                  • !edinburghbronies Edinburgh meet soon? Within the next few weeks?

                                    Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:08:52 UTC from web