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A place for Edmonton Bronies to corral.

E-Town Stables (etownstables) group


  1. Hi new to the group. Been looking for a friend that enjoys ponies as much as I do.

    Sunday, 27-Apr-14 02:50:50 UTC from web
  2. !etownstables What? No midnight showing? I am disapointed...

    Tuesday, 04-Jun-13 22:44:17 UTC from web
    • !etownstables so, Cineplex North at 12:30 and 2:10, Galaxy in Sherwood Park at 12:30 and 2:10, and Cineplex Windermere at, you guessed it, 12:30 and 2:10.

      Thursday, 30-May-13 23:32:16 UTC from web
      • !etownstables Anyone know if EQUESTRIA GIRLS is airing anywhere in Edmonton?

        Wednesday, 15-May-13 02:45:44 UTC from web
        • !etownstables So...

          Wednesday, 15-May-13 02:45:11 UTC from web
          • !etownstables Apperantly there is a meetup at 12pm at the WEM food court today. Be there or be a lemon!

            Sunday, 14-Apr-13 06:14:00 UTC from web
            • !etownstables Hi guys! I've recently made a group with my friend and we have making a meet up, in Edmonton. Multiple bronies, and we were hoping we could have some more people come and meet us! Our first meet-up is here:

              Friday, 12-Apr-13 16:15:58 UTC from web
              • !etownstables Is there a facebook group for us Edmonton Bronies/Pegasisters besides the meet up page?

                Tuesday, 02-Apr-13 06:34:12 UTC from web
              • !etownstables We should all meet up some time. /)

                Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 01:44:38 UTC from web
                • !etownstables we should totally organize a meetup ahah /)

                  Monday, 03-Dec-12 00:13:33 UTC from web
                  • !etownstables !bcbronies !Calgary Hey all thought i might throw this up. Its a binder filled with all the MLP cards plus signatures from ALOT of the voice actors. Put up a bid if you want it. It saves you ALOT of money doing it yourself. ALl the work is done.

                    Saturday, 01-Sep-12 03:37:29 UTC from web
                    • !etownstables Yo, i have 5 left for sale if anyone is interested.

                      Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 04:36:32 UTC from web
                      • !etownstables We will b at AnimeThon on August who is coming?

                        Wednesday, 11-Jul-12 02:05:04 UTC from web
                        • Wondering who amoung the !etownstables and !calgarybronies who are attending Calgary Expo would like to participate in a # song and dance for Tara Strong. The song would be Twilightlicious and the dance would be Sunshine Sunshine Ladybugs Awake. She said on twitter that you need to do a song if you want an autograph and a dance if you want two. If we had a whole line of bronies? Methinks it would be about 20% cooler.

                          Thursday, 26-Apr-12 18:58:22 UTC from web
                          • !calgary !etownstables Anyone coming for the CCEE want to hang out friday? Or just anyone local..? ANYPONY?

                            Wednesday, 25-Apr-12 20:56:12 UTC from web
                            • !etownstables Do any fellows want to meet up for a low-key get-together to get a better feel for the brony community? I've been a brony since October but haven't met many local bronies.

                              Wednesday, 21-Mar-12 01:00:33 UTC from web
                            • !calgarybronies !etownstables !vancouverbronies Check us out at the Calgary Comic and entertainment Expo at booth T06. We will be there to raise funds and let Everypony know who we are so stop by and say "Hello!"

                              Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 18:07:04 UTC from web
                              • Everypony !calgarybronies !vancouverBronies !etownstables if you have questions about our booth at The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo please get in touch with me or check out for details

                                Tuesday, 13-Mar-12 14:43:12 UTC from web
                                • !etownstables would you Like a Brony Con Near you at that,s what we are trying to do!!!

                                  Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 18:19:19 UTC from web
                                  • !calgary And now we all have a new reason to go Otafest. They just confirmed Andrea Libman as a guest. Even some folks from !etownstables may wanna come down for that.

                                    Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 15:45:54 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                  • @noir !calgary Oh no, it wasn't me who sent the email. I just noticed it while going through the post and figured I'd share. Kudos to whoever did though. Possibly one of the Edmonton guys.

                                    Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 20:31:50 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                  • @phoenixswift !calgary !etownstables woohoo. thats awesome.

                                    Monday, 23-Jan-12 23:01:56 UTC from web
                                    • !calgary !etownstables The video got posted in the Nightly Roundup on EqD. They just wrote it as "Calgary Meetup" but it's the same one @conjure posted. So we're on there!

                                      Monday, 23-Jan-12 17:42:29 UTC from web
                                      • !etownstables i will just leave this here:

                                        Monday, 23-Jan-12 04:55:50 UTC from web
                                      • !etownstables SO AWESOME /)^3^(\

                                        Monday, 23-Jan-12 04:28:33 UTC from web
                                        • !etownstables Made up a logo I used Luna because shes the best none Mane Six Pony, but if any of you have suggestions or want to draw up or have a picture for the background that better signify s Edmonton feel free to contribute.

                                          Monday, 23-Jan-12 01:19:31 UTC from web