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A group dedicated to everypony that plays EVE! Eveponies is for everypony who takes part in the universe, from miners and traders to pirates and bounty hunters. Share your fits, stories and everything EVE related with all your space bronies.

EVE Online Ponies (eveponies) group


  1. Yay, just found out another friend of mine (different brony community) rejoined the ranks of the !eveponies today! #

    Wednesday, 06-Jun-12 00:53:17 UTC from web
    • Well, fellow !eveponies - # drops in less than a day! Don't forget a long skill, if you still play ;)

      Monday, 21-May-12 21:29:18 UTC from web
      • !eveponies Well, time to do some repping in this group. Hopefully some of you are still around in the 'verse.

        Tuesday, 15-May-12 22:36:41 UTC from web
        • !eveponies This group still have anypony active?

          Tuesday, 15-May-12 00:40:22 UTC from web
        • !eve so anyone still playing eve, or is it just me and @tavi from RDN?

          Monday, 23-Apr-12 18:21:02 UTC from web
        • !eve anypony still here playing?

          Saturday, 07-Apr-12 00:24:08 UTC from web
          • !eveponies Iteron(industrial) kills Megathron(Battleship). This is epic PvP!

            Friday, 10-Feb-12 07:17:09 UTC from web
            • @tommydash wow, thats amazing! What a fail in the megathron though... If anything the mega pilot should have at least checked to see the industrial pilot's background to see how skilled a pilot he was before even thinking about shooting. And also to check the corporation. Thanks for this, I enjoyed watching that :)

              Friday, 10-Feb-12 21:39:05 UTC in context
          • Good afternoon !eveponies

            Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 12:39:25 UTC from web
          • Aww yeah !eveponies , Crucible is out today. I'm downloading it right now. Now all I gotta do is scan myself out of this wormhole and I'll be fine...

            Tuesday, 29-Nov-11 15:15:08 UTC from web
            • !eveponies Hey, sorry I'm not on very much. The connection here doesn't let me do more than log on and train skills...and just barely lets me do that. Here in about a month and a half (probably less) I'll be able to get on more often and actually do stuff! Yay ops!

              Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 08:23:58 UTC from web
              • !eveponies Hey everypony, just made a corporation for us bronies. I've noticed that there was a few scattered pony corps, but I intend to change that. Ya'know, unite under a single flag. Search "Equestrian Royal Fleet" or message me at "Atticus Lepidus". Thanks a bunch!

                Monday, 08-Aug-11 18:05:26 UTC from web
              • Oops, they disconnected the civilian internet here. Looks like I'm gonna be on even less than I usually am. Oh well, I go home this month (hopefully), so it shouldn't be too bad. As for my !eveponies I'll be on EVE-Gate from time to time, so feel free to send me messages and I'll answer when I can.

                Thursday, 01-Sep-11 11:38:13 UTC from web
              • !eveponies I am known as Pony Cabal on EVE! Lets play sometime!

                Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 17:57:03 UTC from web
              • So I made my EVE character look happier and (maybe) less intimidating! He's just missing an eye >.> !eveponies

                Friday, 05-Aug-11 15:57:38 UTC from web
                • !eveponies Any of you bronies interested in going to an incursion as a fleet sometime?

                  Thursday, 04-Aug-11 18:12:24 UTC from web
                  • New look, !eveponies . What's your character look like?

                    Thursday, 04-Aug-11 17:15:30 UTC from web
                    • !eveponies , here is an awesome site.

                      Tuesday, 02-Aug-11 17:28:45 UTC from web
                      • !eveponies 'Scuze me, amigos. I can't help but notice how we /havn't/ taken over the Eve Universe yet. Me'thinks bronydom has to unite. (Or can somepony suggest me a good corp?)

                        Sunday, 31-Jul-11 06:06:54 UTC from web
                        • I want to run for CSM one day... !eveponies

                          Saturday, 30-Jul-11 16:55:11 UTC from web
                          • I love EVE for the CSM. It's great to have players that have a pretty big say in the future of the game so close to CCP's ear, especially for issues like this: !eveponies

                            Saturday, 30-Jul-11 16:48:33 UTC from web
                            • Oh god !eveponies I can't stop watching this still #

                              Wednesday, 27-Jul-11 17:03:15 UTC from web
                              • whoops, got busy. back now. ^_^

                                Tuesday, 26-Jul-11 06:55:27 UTC from web
                              • Hey !eveponies , CCP just put up their 'memory repository',!/visualizer/ . It looks pretty awesome. If you've got any stories, or if any of you non-EVE playing ponies want to check it out, go for it!

                                Monday, 25-Jul-11 04:52:24 UTC from web
                                • Alright !eveponies , I found this really cool video. Displays one of the new live events, plus the new laser effects. If you notice when all the Sansha ships start firing on one player he holds the fire for a good, long time. Major tank + awesome logistics there. And it just looks cool.

                                  Thursday, 21-Jul-11 04:06:27 UTC from web
                                • Hey !eveponies look at this!

                                  Tuesday, 19-Jul-11 17:09:17 UTC from web
                                  • I want to see my portrait in EVE made into a pony. He'd then be RDN's friendly* political officer pony! *Friendly by the definition from the Ministry of War !eveponies

                                    Monday, 18-Jul-11 16:14:35 UTC from web
                                    • Well !eveponies , there was a live event today! Seems like Sansha is making another push, this time with improved ships. Here's some imagery I got: and

                                      Thursday, 07-Jul-11 14:52:21 UTC from web
                                    • Alright !eveponies , I got an image for ya! It's my Captain's Quarters, with me chillin' on my couch viewing the terminals. The cool thing is the main terminal switches between things like bounties, mission agents, incursions, market information and a lot more. It's pretty awesome.

                                      Sunday, 03-Jul-11 18:48:32 UTC from web
                                      • I just realized that my character on EVE, Unism, is almost 5 years old. That's awesome. How old are your characters, !eveponies ?

                                        Monday, 27-Jun-11 16:47:13 UTC from web
                                        • Oh oh oh, I can fly Gallente Carriers now, !eveponies ! I am so happy, this has been my goal since I started playing EVE all those years ago. Now I juts gotta train some additional skills and I'll be able to effectively use it...and then I have to actually buy the carrier. And the fuel. And all the modules. And the fighters. And the...

                                          Monday, 27-Jun-11 16:14:26 UTC from web