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The Church of Flaxxology

The Church of Flaxxology

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Wherever Flaxx chooses to be

Flaxx has done a Pope Benedict and resigned from RDN. Let's try and bring him back the best way we know how - with FORCE!

The Church of Flaxxology (flaxxology) group


  1. dumb lack of class tomorrow, making me feel like i dont have to sleep

    Sunday, 24-Feb-13 04:44:48 UTC from web
  2. WAIT A SECOND. @thelastgherkin left !flaxxology. What is this bullmurdock

    Sunday, 24-Feb-13 03:57:17 UTC from web
    • @redenchilada i like your shoelaces

      Sunday, 24-Feb-13 03:52:58 UTC from web
    • !comebackflaxx

      Friday, 22-Feb-13 19:16:42 UTC from web
    • Everybody tell @flaxx that you miss him and you want him back.

      Friday, 22-Feb-13 19:03:19 UTC from web
    • I just remembered !hailflaxx

      Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 02:57:17 UTC from web
      • I miss !RDNology. :<

        Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 15:25:02 UTC from web
      • PS !hailflaxx

        Thursday, 17-May-12 22:06:34 UTC from web
        • @greydragon412 "And lo, @Flaxx did spake, and the choir echoed: #"

          Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 17:13:18 UTC from web
        • @greydragon412 Praise !Flaxxology?

          Saturday, 07-Apr-12 16:36:58 UTC from web
        • Is this a good time to pull out the !Flaxxology card?

          Sunday, 04-Mar-12 00:30:21 UTC from web
        • @hoit21 Yeah. Definitely. *Cough* ANYWAY it's like, really clean in here.

          Thursday, 22-Dec-11 21:14:32 UTC from web
        • ahahahaaha oh !flaxxology you make me laugh

          Monday, 19-Dec-11 21:26:33 UTC from web
          • I'M BACK AGAIN, FRIENDS.

            Monday, 12-Dec-11 18:54:33 UTC from web
          • I am so tired today that you can all shut up.

            Sunday, 11-Dec-11 17:25:48 UTC from web
          • And the commandments of !flaxxology have been taken down for all to see! (Note: I had no say in the rules of !flaxxology. Any injuries, punishments or deaths caused due to the rules of !flaxxology are not our fault. Unless they are. In which case, shut up.)

            Saturday, 10-Dec-11 14:56:23 UTC from web
            • @greydragon412, may the wrath of !flaxxology strike down on those people!

              Saturday, 10-Dec-11 14:47:47 UTC from web
            • Heh, I like !Flaxxology. Now the religion has eight followers including flaxx.

              Saturday, 10-Dec-11 13:38:48 UTC from web
            • Join !flaxxology for a free swede/rutabaga!

              Wednesday, 07-Dec-11 20:32:10 UTC from web
              • !flaxxology prevents impotence. Why not join today!

                Monday, 05-Dec-11 18:32:21 UTC from web
              • Why haven't any of you joined !flaxxology yet? Gosh, you're all so unreliable. :c

                Monday, 05-Dec-11 18:21:22 UTC from web
              • so does that mean by not doing homework and shirking off my responsibilities I am doing @flaxxology right?

                Sunday, 04-Dec-11 21:59:13 UTC from web

                Sunday, 04-Dec-11 21:46:35 UTC from web
              • @flaxx what have you caused?!

                Sunday, 04-Dec-11 21:46:19 UTC from web
              • @greydragon412 Being a hobo shouldn't have anything with !Flaxxology to do, though.

                Sunday, 04-Dec-11 21:43:31 UTC from web
              • I suppose !flaxxology is cool. I can dig it.

                Sunday, 04-Dec-11 21:42:19 UTC from web
                • @greydragon412 I'm not sure if I like !Flaxxology much.

                  Sunday, 04-Dec-11 19:41:25 UTC from web
                • @hoit21 Tell me, how do you manage to get online just when I have bought a game I haven't played since I was 10 and really want to play and now I can't choose between it and you?

                  Sunday, 04-Dec-11 19:21:25 UTC from web
                • Not enough cyber foreplay in your life? Join !flaxxology today!

                  Sunday, 04-Dec-11 17:07:09 UTC from web
                  • !flaxxology master race reporting in!!!

                    Sunday, 04-Dec-11 16:46:57 UTC from web