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!ingress enlightened portal resistance

Planet Earth

The world around you is not what it seems...
Enlightened "Kermit" or Resistance "Smurf", this group is for all who play the Alternate Reality Game Ingress.

... Viva la Resistance!

Ingress (ingress) group


  1. Yay Ingress ponies :3 We are enlightened, resistance is futile

    Tuesday, 05-Jan-16 18:34:33 UTC from web
  2. Inclined to believe that !Ingress is just what I need to start hitting the streets instead of slacking off indoors.

    Sunday, 15-Jun-14 12:24:37 UTC from
    • The only worthwhile game for any phone is !ingress.

      Saturday, 08-Feb-14 19:36:38 UTC from web
      • !ingress

        Monday, 03-Feb-14 19:31:30 UTC from web
      • I went up another full level. Woo! The library is awesome btw. #

        Sunday, 11-Aug-13 01:35:13 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • !ingress

        Saturday, 27-Jul-13 02:17:06 UTC from web
      • !ingress is still awesome.

        Thursday, 18-Jul-13 03:50:03 UTC from web
        • !ingress app update!

          Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 15:50:23 UTC from web
          • !ingress is best mobile game

            Thursday, 13-Jun-13 00:26:04 UTC from web
          • !ingress

            Thursday, 13-Jun-13 00:24:12 UTC from web
            • !ingress well this is a productive way to take over the world

              Thursday, 09-May-13 18:29:43 UTC from web
              • !ingress

                Thursday, 09-May-13 18:23:38 UTC from web
                • !ingress I got a portal accepted. It is less than 300 m from my house. :D

                  Friday, 26-Apr-13 20:20:57 UTC from web
                  • @widget I got the !ingress book. Its actually pretty good.

                    Thursday, 04-Apr-13 04:21:44 UTC from web
                  • !ingress is best pony.

                    Thursday, 04-Apr-13 04:09:39 UTC from web
                    • I am now Level 2 in !ingress. :D

                      Wednesday, 03-Apr-13 18:26:13 UTC from web
                      • I hope they release !ingress for iPhone soon. I want to play it with my friend.

                        Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:37:42 UTC from web
                        • Has anyone else joined !ingress yet?

                          Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 21:04:12 UTC from web
                        • WOO. ONE OF MY !INGRESS PORTALS WAS ACCEPTED!

                          Friday, 22-Mar-13 03:23:01 UTC from web
                          • !ingress. Much better than progress or congress.

                            Tuesday, 19-Mar-13 18:56:57 UTC from web
                            • @widget !ingress

                              Saturday, 09-Mar-13 06:50:41 UTC from web
                            • Oh. Yeah. For the next week I'm not gonna be on at all because I have to stay overnight at my grandma's. She has no WiFi. BUT! Since IRC is so data light I will be there. My data plan is only 100 MB and I wanna dedicate that to !ingress

                              Monday, 25-Feb-13 01:30:49 UTC from web
                            • Oh yeah. If any of you play !ingress join !ingress. Viva LA Resistance!

                              Sunday, 24-Feb-13 04:38:39 UTC from web
                            • !ingress is now a thing. Join if you play.

                              Sunday, 10-Feb-13 22:06:43 UTC from web