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Kansas City Bronies

Kansas City Bronies

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Kansas City

Hey all! I want to suggest that you check out . I will try to keep this group current, but it isn't getting much love right now. The Fb group is a better bet for keeping up to date on all the latest brony happenings!

Kansas City Bronies (kcbronies) group


  1. !kcbronies Yesterday's meetup went without a hitch, can definitely say that it was a great first meet up for myself, and everyone involved seemed to enjoy themselves. Did a cool group photo before watching 'Warm Bodies' even got mentioned on Equestria Daily. Glad to have gone and looking forward to the next one.

    Sunday, 17-Feb-13 23:41:46 UTC from web
    • Attention all !kcbronies If you did't know, there is a convention being held this year right here in the Metro. It's called Midwest Brony Fest. More information can be found on There will be a big press release today. Also the facebook group has much more activity. If you are interested in joining just let me know. It's a private group, which is nice, so none of your friends who may or may not know about you being a brony will never know unless you invite them.

      Friday, 08-Feb-13 08:17:27 UTC from web
      • !kcbronies Meet up was a fair success! Expect more in the future!

        Sunday, 03-Feb-13 08:12:36 UTC from web
        • !kcbronies Probably get asked this often enough, but is there any meetups planned within KS mid to late Feb or perhaps Mar.? I noticed the Feb 2nd post by drakonis90 but it's a little last minute since I just joined recently. So looking to see if anyone has any later plans in the works.

          Friday, 01-Feb-13 05:43:14 UTC from web
        • !kcbronies Actually, i just planned a mini-meet up of sorts for Feb 2nd! Info here in the facebook group:

          Wednesday, 23-Jan-13 00:11:08 UTC from web
          • !kcbronies any body want to meetup any time?

            Tuesday, 22-Jan-13 23:37:34 UTC from web
            • just joined i am really excited to relaunch into the bronie fanbase !kcbronies

              Friday, 28-Dec-12 06:36:14 UTC from web
            • !kcbronies just joined, aint i special?

              Thursday, 15-Nov-12 05:22:27 UTC from web
              • !kcbronies when's the next meet up?

                Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 00:18:19 UTC from web
              • Back, still sick...

                Wednesday, 12-Sep-12 20:13:10 UTC from web
              • !kcbronies Nothing for us. Except silly filly con, probably wont make it...

                Thursday, 06-Sep-12 15:46:23 UTC from web
                • !kcbronies So, nothing here? okay ( ._.)

                  Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 21:15:34 UTC from web
                  • !KCBronies, there is a meetup at Cabelas tomorrow. $10 to get in.

                    Friday, 22-Jun-12 03:41:40 UTC from web
                    • !KCBronies, there is a meetup at Cabelas tomorrow. $10 to get in.

                      Friday, 22-Jun-12 03:37:50 UTC from web
                      • Wooot, I got some free time, so I'm gonna update my friends here in order of things that are going to happen: 12 days until I'm done with this crappy job. 13 days until I'm a college graduate. On the 25th I move into my own apartment in Kansas City. I will be a real !kcbronies member! On June 29th I'm heading to NYC for BronyCon (anybody gonna see me there?) And last but not least. I will be starting my shinny new job on July 5th with an I.T. company.

                        Friday, 08-Jun-12 23:51:17 UTC from web
                      • !kcbronies @quilzel I strongly recommend checking out this group on Facebook, as the kcbronies site here on RD network doesn't get too much love:

                        Friday, 25-May-12 19:44:17 UTC from web
                        • !kcbronies @skillfulist and I will be hanging out tomorrow afternoon. If anybody is in or near Salina, let us know, we would like to see you there. @toolmanhamm, that includes you too.

                          Friday, 11-May-12 23:39:45 UTC from web
                        • Hello all are there any bronies within the saline county kansas area up for meeting up?

                          Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 19:14:47 UTC from web
                        • !kcbronies, I wanna go, I hope they have another meetup soon.

                          Sunday, 08-Apr-12 21:19:15 UTC from web
                          • !kcbronies meetup. ON MY BIRTHDAY.

                            Thursday, 23-Feb-12 15:47:58 UTC from web
                          • 1st !kcbronies meetup = Total Success.

                            Sunday, 08-Jan-12 07:18:05 UTC from web
                          • Hey !kcbronies , Is there any want for a meet up among you all?

                            Friday, 09-Dec-11 05:00:36 UTC from web
                          • Yup, it's official. My first Brony Conversion. Add another to the !kcbronies .

                            Friday, 16-Dec-11 18:16:26 UTC from web
                          • This is the last weekend for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival! All you !kcbronies should totally come! I am a performer there.

                            Friday, 14-Oct-11 16:32:58 UTC from web
                          • Hey !kcbronies Anyone going to RenFest this weekend? If so, I'll be singing with the Madrigal Choir, and I'm all up for some Medieval-Brony Collab.

                            Thursday, 22-Sep-11 00:04:36 UTC from web
                          • !kcbronies, if any of you are KU students, check out the KU Anime Club. I happened to meet them tonight, and they're just about all MLP fans, too. They mentioned having a Rainbow Dash night. This is something I want to be a part of. :D

                            Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 03:12:31 UTC from web
                            • @maconmixx Oops message cut off. Anyway, please put your info in on that google doc and read the info on the dates and location/etc. Grab as many of the bronies here on the !kcbronies group as possible! We've already got a bunch coming from all over (even one from Canada) so this is sure to be an epic meetup.

                              Wednesday, 17-Aug-11 00:44:53 UTC from web
                              • Hey all, im new to this group and looking to make some brony friends. Where i live now im the only one it seems like so looking to go to some meetups wondering if there are any this month or if there is a planned schedule for them?

                                Friday, 12-Feb-16 03:54:59 UTC in context
                            • Wassup !kcbronies? Lawrence has two meets coming up! Danielle Derp is planning a casual Mass St get together for this Friday, and @emeraldpage is putting together somethin' big for Labor Day weekend. @greggo and others will be hanging at Motaku in KCMO, but no real "meet" is planned. Know something I don't? Post the details if you got 'em. :)

                              Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 02:51:19 UTC from web
                            • @maconmixx, is the !kcbronies meetup still happening? Lawrence sounds like a good place, but we should coordinate the bronies and see if there's a better place.

                              Wednesday, 10-Aug-11 20:23:32 UTC from web
                              • Just got up today D: Doubt I have any time to work on our commercials for @CelestiaRadio before I go to work in an hour. Speaking of, you !kcbronies in our listening area (South-East Kansas) should tune into KOMB FM 103.9 or if you're further out KMDO AM 1600 and hear me from 1pm-5:30pm today ^.^ Sure to be a good one. S' GONNA RAIN!

                                Saturday, 30-Jul-11 16:33:16 UTC from web