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Pony Toy Collectors :3

Pony Toy Collectors :3


Anypony who has the guts to go down the aisle of a store and pick up his or her favorite pony. Or just buy it online.

Pony Toy Collectors :3 (ponytoycollectors) group


  1. I suppose I should start getting ready for work... I really hope I can get used to this overnight thing fast, I feel like crap right now.

    Friday, 28-Mar-14 02:23:02 UTC from web
    • this group sucks

      Monday, 06-Jan-14 23:10:29 UTC from web
      • Hey does anypony have the most recent McDonald's happy meal Rainbow Dash by chance? I have all of the except for her. I have an extra fluttershy if anyone wants to trade :D !ponytoycollectors

        Sunday, 27-May-12 23:03:25 UTC from web
      • I have 7 out of 8 of these darn McDonald's Ponies but I can not find Rainbow Dash >:C !ponytoycollectors

        Sunday, 25-Mar-12 22:56:10 UTC from web
        • Roundup! Any merch recntly ourchased? !tshirt !customponies !ponytoycollectors

          Sunday, 11-Mar-12 23:16:38 UTC from web
        • pony roundup! any pony merch recently purchased, and if so, where? !ponytoycollectors !tshirt !customponies

          Saturday, 10-Mar-12 23:54:34 UTC from web
          • Pony roundup! !ponytoycollectors !tshirt any pony merch recently purchased, and if so, where? Also, anything fan made that you have purchased? !customponies

            Wednesday, 07-Mar-12 00:49:39 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            • noon-ish pony roundup! !ponytoycollectors any pony merch recently purchased, and if so, where?

              Monday, 05-Mar-12 00:42:11 UTC from web
              • !ponytoycollectors because i am bored, afternoon-ish pony roundup. any pony merch on your hand or feet or chest or ehatever, and where did you get it?

                Sunday, 04-Mar-12 00:42:22 UTC from web
              • Morning pony roundup. !ponytoycollectors any pony merch recently purchased, and where?

                Saturday, 03-Mar-12 19:42:54 UTC from web
              • Evening toy check. Anypony recently get merch, and if so, where? !ponytoycollectors

                Thursday, 01-Mar-12 03:42:32 UTC from web
                • !ponytoycollectors where have you found pony toys? if possible, give an address

                  Tuesday, 28-Feb-12 04:19:12 UTC from web
                • molded hair? must have! !ponytoycollectors

                  Thursday, 23-Feb-12 05:13:50 UTC from web
                • So I thought, "What the crap? It's a pretty specific show-related toy for Hasbro!" Then I took it off the shelf and saw a butterfly winged Rainbow Dash behind her. # !ponytoycollectors

                  Tuesday, 03-Jan-12 08:32:30 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • !calgarybronies !ponytoycollectors ive been attempting to get the blind bag ponys for myself but there seems like they dont even exist in calgary! ive been wanting them forever!

                  Saturday, 03-Dec-11 21:21:26 UTC from web
                • Well there's this:

                  Friday, 02-Dec-11 15:56:20 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                • Anyone know where one can reliably find pony party supplies? A friend's planning a bday for her 3 year old and asking me for help. Last I looked at the party store it was all pre-FiM party stuff. !ponytoycollectors

                  Monday, 14-Nov-11 18:06:24 UTC from web
                  • Cruising through McD's, order a Happy Meal. Asked, "Boy or girl?" Get excited, thinking ponies. Nope - iCarly. =/ !ponytoycollectors

                    Thursday, 06-Oct-11 22:13:52 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • !PonyToyCollectors - Seems my friend's Rite-Aid store has toys and coloring books. I imagine others would, as well. Of course, it being Rite-Aid they'll probably be 2x the cost...

                    Saturday, 24-Sep-11 02:06:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • I just got my very first pony toy, the Fluttershy with a tricycle because that was the only fluttershy available !ponytoycollectors

                    Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 19:48:48 UTC from web
                  • Just rescued a G3 Pinkie Pie from a thrift store. She's getting her mane conditioned as we speak. She's got weird tattoo type stuff around her neck and a clothes hanger icon by her hoof. Weird. # !ponytoycollectors

                    Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 19:20:57 UTC from web
                    • Anypony bought Raritys boutique who DOESN'T want the "bonus" unnamed unicorn that comes with the set? # !ponytoycollectors I needs her my precious....

                      Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 03:20:15 UTC from web
                      • !ponytoycollectors Found the set of tiny molded ponies at Toys R Us today. Which means I just basically paid $25 for a $2 Fluttershy.

                        Tuesday, 13-Sep-11 23:00:05 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      • I like ponies.

                        Friday, 09-Sep-11 02:20:32 UTC from web
                      • !ponytoycollectors # here's a great G4 toy reference page, I think it will be updated as this is a popular Pony reference site.

                        Friday, 09-Sep-11 01:43:51 UTC from web
                      • Apparently Wave 4 ponies, with Honeybuzz and Snowcatcher, are avail for pre order on big bad toy store dot com. $7 plus shipping. anypony going to do it? !ponytoycollectors #

                        Thursday, 08-Sep-11 01:49:52 UTC from web
                        • !ponytoycollectors I am now the proud owner of a blind-bag display set! Also, my Toys'R'Us moved all the ponies. They aren't even in a pink aisle anymore. I thought they'd gotten rid of them for some reason until I heard the creepy talking baby Pinkie Pie.

                          Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 21:31:52 UTC from web
                        • !utahbronies !ponytoycollectors # SCORE!!!! Fashion Fluttershy is mine!!!!! *happy dance*, *happy fall over*, *happy recomposes self* She was 12.99 at my "local" 60 miles away TRU. There's 3 left, in case any of yous guys are here in UT.

                          Monday, 05-Sep-11 21:29:10 UTC from web
                        • !ponytoycollectors Anyone in the US seen Wave 4, the one with Flitterheart and Honeybuzz? #

                          Sunday, 04-Sep-11 04:16:55 UTC from web
                          • !utahbronies today at DI I saw like a dozen little horse toys. No they weren't ponies, "realistic" looking horses with brushable hair. Smeone must've donated their collection. I bought my first pony toy at DI but haven't had much luck since. The dirth of new waves still keeps me checking. #

                            Sunday, 04-Sep-11 03:45:34 UTC from web