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YouTubers That Are Bronys

YouTubers That Are Bronys

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This Group Is For Bronys Who Are Part Or Wanna Become Part Of The Youtube Communitys

YouTubers That Are Bronys (ponytubers) group


  1. Today I started doing a Let's Play of the Mario fangame The Invasion 2, running on Super Mario Bros X. !letsplay

    Wednesday, 22-Jan-14 02:59:15 UTC from web
    • !letsplay Deadbeats Minecraft is BACK with season 2! All new map for 1.7 onward!

      Friday, 01-Nov-13 00:39:22 UTC from web
    • !letsplay Trying out CoD:Modern Warfare 2 for the first time. #

      Tuesday, 08-Oct-13 22:31:42 UTC from web
    • So glad for the response to the new Feed The Beats series. Here it is if your interest is peaked - !letsplay More of an introduction and tour of the existing server than anything else... soon we get into the fun stuff!

      Thursday, 19-Sep-13 08:16:17 UTC from web
    • BTW, if you want to see competent FTBeats players, go watch Vidvisionify or Chronos instead :P !letsplay

      Wednesday, 18-Sep-13 13:38:33 UTC from web
      • !letsplay Whoa...

        Monday, 16-Sep-13 04:46:32 UTC from web
      • !letsplay Final episode of Deadbeats Minecraft, season 1! # profanity

        Sunday, 15-Sep-13 20:11:56 UTC from web
        • !letsplay Bioshock Infinite, video 2! # gore and swearing. I get the Skyhook in this video. Yeah.

          Monday, 19-Aug-13 23:26:07 UTC from web
          • !letsplay Skipping Bioshock 2 (it will not launch) and moving onto Infinite right now! Anything I should keep in mind before I start recording?

            Monday, 12-Aug-13 00:31:47 UTC from web
          • !letsplay Some more Sonic Racing Transformed. This time Battle Racing with Chronos, Briguy and Hinchy. # language, OF COURSE

            Thursday, 08-Aug-13 01:57:37 UTC from web
            • Remember, Remember the 3rd of August. The gunpowder, treason and plot. !letsplay # language

              Monday, 05-Aug-13 03:01:54 UTC from web
              • !letsplay So about two weeks on from when I received the Oculus Rift, here's a video where I talk about some of the ups and downs of it.

                Monday, 29-Jul-13 04:01:35 UTC from web
                • Hey guys! How does this look for my !letsplay channel trailer? # language as ever

                  Saturday, 27-Jul-13 03:22:53 UTC from web
                • And with this !letsplay video, having a go at the Survival Games in Minecraft ( I go to bed. Night 'folks!

                  Friday, 26-Jul-13 14:59:40 UTC from web
                • Uploading a new Oculus Rift video! !letsplay

                  Friday, 26-Jul-13 13:03:47 UTC from web
                  • Would you guys like to see me use the Rift regularly in my !letsplay vids?

                    Thursday, 25-Jul-13 01:06:44 UTC from web
                    • !letsplay Just Cause 2 MP Racing! # lots of awful language in the chat

                      Tuesday, 23-Jul-13 03:06:27 UTC from web
                      • I'm trying to think up ways to make doing LPs in the Oculus viable. !letsplay

                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:39:11 UTC from web
                        • !letsplay A video demonstrating the Minecraft Oculus Rift (Minecrift) on Minecraft 1.6.2. # Best to be safe with these things. Especially online

                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:06:21 UTC from web
                          • !letsplay @sprite Here's the Killing Floor video! # language and gore

                            Monday, 08-Jul-13 00:22:03 UTC from web
                            • !letsplay The Ball, #! Today I discuss a question from @pony about the best/worst aspects of the MLP fandom. # some gore, perhaps a little bit of swearing.

                              Sunday, 07-Jul-13 22:26:47 UTC from web
                              • Decided to re-do the episode where I talk about my opinions on the best/worst aspects of bronydom. Expect that in a !letsplay video soon, thanks again for the question @pony :D

                                Sunday, 07-Jul-13 09:46:22 UTC from web
                              • Oh yeah, I finally got around to putting up a second !letsplay episode of The Ball. We don't actually get too much done, and I explain why!

                                Thursday, 04-Jul-13 23:33:26 UTC from web
                              • !letsplay I won't be continuing The Ball for now. My version is refusing to keep my save file. I might go buy the Steam version and play off that, but for now I pretty much have to play it all in one go... I don't /particularly/ feel like doing that.

                                Thursday, 27-Jun-13 06:07:45 UTC from web
                              • !letsplay Starting a new series of a game that got a little bit of popularity during the Portal 2 ARG, but is still relatively unknown - The Ball! # Not that I swear a lot... but just in case. The game does involve a bit of violence and I might cuss at particularly hard parts :P

                                Wednesday, 26-Jun-13 02:10:37 UTC from web
                              • !letsplay Starting over again on the Deadbeats server!

                                Tuesday, 14-May-13 04:31:46 UTC from web
                                • !letsplay Oooh... how did I not know about this before?

                                  Friday, 26-Apr-13 03:38:53 UTC from web
                                • !letsplay

                                  Thursday, 25-Apr-13 01:16:13 UTC from web
                                  • Me and friends playing Worms: Revolution! # language !letsplay

                                    Monday, 22-Apr-13 23:48:55 UTC from web
                                  • well for any one thats interested subscribe to me on RDN and i will get started

                                    Monday, 11-Feb-13 09:11:35 UTC from web