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Real Dash n' tha Boyz

Real Dash n' tha Boyz

!rdntb thuglyfe

The streetz

Tha hardest gangstas on the Rainbow Dash Network. Thugs from tha 'hood, counting dolla and shootin' drive-bys. All about tha street, the struggle is real. We've got ties all 'round the underground RDN, so don't mess with us.

Real Dash n' tha Boyz (rdntb) group


  1. .

    Tuesday, 17-Feb-15 00:10:20 UTC from web
  2. Y'all bananass ain't real anymore >:c !RDNTB

    Sunday, 07-Dec-14 15:31:11 UTC from web
    • Here I come, rougher than the rest of them the best of them, tougher than leather. You can call me @meloetta, unlike @redenchilada I don't chuckle I'd rather flex my muscles I'm hard as nails, it ain't hard to tell I break them down whether they're solid or frail. !RDNTB

      Thursday, 14-Aug-14 20:22:35 UTC from web
    • RIP RDN everyone is leaving

      Monday, 04-Aug-14 01:56:26 UTC from web
    • Lyra Pimpstrings

      Monday, 31-Mar-14 17:46:01 UTC from web
    • Throwin' shoes at the telephone lines !thuglyfe

      Monday, 31-Mar-14 03:45:17 UTC from web
    • !thuglyfe girls from the ghetto be like

      Monday, 24-Mar-14 05:56:37 UTC from web
      • The !thuglyfe story of @nerthos. Nerthos lives in the ghetto and it's tuff to live life. He noticed he was good at drawing dem pictures. So he drew pictures den sold dem for moneys for food. It not much money but we survivin'. We at da ghetto live

        Monday, 24-Mar-14 05:23:40 UTC from web
      • @nerthos a true artist in the ghetto !RDNTB

        Saturday, 22-Mar-14 22:33:23 UTC from web
      • Is it this easy to get a girlfriend? I call most of the girls I have on steam "love" for fun, but they take it seriously and love me back for real, like REALLY REALLY love me.

        Friday, 21-Mar-14 13:54:11 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • Doge is one of the few internet memes I haven't quite gotten sick of yet. Although with enough time I'm sure the internet will ruin it.

        Tuesday, 18-Mar-14 16:33:06 UTC from web
      • Bed time in the ghetto !thuglyfe

        Sunday, 16-Mar-14 21:12:28 UTC from web
      • !rdntb Strippers.

        Friday, 14-Mar-14 04:18:17 UTC from web
      • Livin in the ghetto is rough, my only pet is a wild chipmunk in my basement !RDNTB

        Friday, 14-Mar-14 04:01:47 UTC from web
      • Living in the ghetto !thuglyfe

        Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 12:56:31 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • I was born here on the toughest streets of RDN !RDNTB

          Tuesday, 11-Mar-14 02:39:55 UTC from web
        • @snowcone Real thugs (like myself) know pennies are where it's at. You'll never be a real playa. !RDNTB

          Tuesday, 11-Mar-14 01:14:03 UTC from web
        • Stole candy from a baby, a successful heist !thuglyfe

          Monday, 10-Mar-14 19:38:09 UTC from web
        • !RDNTB

          Monday, 10-Mar-14 07:31:58 UTC from web
        • @snowcone Cone. The gang got a group now. !RDNTB

          Monday, 10-Mar-14 07:22:52 UTC from web
        • Wear the colors, !RDNTB

          Monday, 10-Mar-14 04:58:58 UTC from web
        • The !thuglyfe chose me

          Monday, 10-Mar-14 04:58:03 UTC from web
          • The struggle is real !RDNTB

            Monday, 10-Mar-14 04:56:14 UTC from web
          • Updated version !RDNTB

            Monday, 10-Mar-14 04:01:22 UTC from web
          • And here I am

            Monday, 10-Mar-14 01:46:59 UTC from web