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RedEnchilada is writing a StatusNet client. May Celestia have mercy on his soul.

ScootaNet Android (scootanetandroid) group


  1. will you notify the !scootanetandroid group when a apk file of the ScootaNet statusnet client becomes available to download? I'm interested to test it, no matter if beta/alpha/pre-alpha version.

    Sunday, 14-Jul-13 13:02:17 UTC from web
  2. Pepperidge farm remembers !sconan, do you!?

    Monday, 17-Jun-13 02:33:11 UTC from web
  3. I'm not saying I'll ever finish !ScoNAn (because I won't), but if some hole in the space-time continuum causes it to materialize, completed, on my hard drive, it will have to have some method with which to display the site notice. If only because that sounds like a fun thing to do.

    Thursday, 06-Sep-12 19:26:41 UTC from StatusNet Android
  4. !scootanetandroid @redenchilada Faaasssssttteeerrrr. Really, I am getting some Scootawithdrawal.

    Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 06:30:16 UTC from web
  5. @starlight Thanks. So I'm guessing no one would like a dedicated application?

    Saturday, 09-Jun-12 14:08:08 UTC from web
  6. The fact that I've been putting more effort into recoding my BBCode parser a million times than I have into actually figuring out how to render the notice list is a great sign of this thing's progress... I'm never going to finish this ;~; !sconan

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 22:34:20 UTC from web
    • Who the heck came up with the name for "checkIfThisMatchShouldBeReplaced()". It's like there was a contest to find the longest, stupidest name possible.

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 21:31:43 UTC from web
    • I'm going to add [marquee] tags to !sconan just so we can make all our posts dance around like idiots.

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:52:46 UTC from web
    • I now have a group for my ventures in hitting my head against StatusNet's API while disco dancing through the Android layout spec. !sconan

      Saturday, 26-May-12 17:33:37 UTC from StatusNet Android