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Sonic the Hedgehog Fans

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For Sonic the Hedgehog fans who happen to be fans of My Little Pony as well. Long live the blue blur! (But were we talking about Sonic or Rainbow Dash?)

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  1. Playing the trial for Sonic CD on XBLA, and I'm kind of disappointed the animated intro doesn't use "Sonic Boom" I loved that song. :( !vgp !sonic

    Friday, 16-Dec-11 00:45:33 UTC from web
  2. fgasdf looping Stardust Speedway bad future American has some parts that I've never heard before, due to the 'loop' ending in the versions I've played before the new rerelease. I can gladly say this was 500 MS points well spent. !sonic

    Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 23:13:25 UTC from web
    • Crisis City, your remake is absolutely splendid, but your original music was slightly better than the new modern mix. !sonic

      Wednesday, 07-Dec-11 18:25:46 UTC from web
    • I love how sega have basically acknowledged Rouge's sex appeal in-game in sonic generations. Notably a level where you have to get her to "distract" enemies in her own way while you kill them !sonic !vgp

      Sunday, 04-Dec-11 20:38:27 UTC from web
    • Bluh. I'm ALMOST under two minutes on this level. !sonic

      Friday, 02-Dec-11 01:17:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    • I'm renting the 3DS version of Sonic Generations from Love Film, my impressions of it thus far are as follows. Graphics are pretty poor for the 3DS, Modern Sonic is underwhelming, and Classic Sonic while controlling wonderfully (if not a bit better than the HD counterpart) has copy pasted level designs from the Mega Drive games thus far. :/ This versin already feels like an after thought. !vgp !sonic

      Thursday, 01-Dec-11 14:04:14 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • Time for some !sonic fanart:

      Monday, 28-Nov-11 21:38:46 UTC from web
    • 90.8% done with !sonic generations

      Saturday, 26-Nov-11 04:12:53 UTC from web
      • album version of Crush 40's cover of Sonic Boom! !sonic !crush40

        Friday, 25-Nov-11 21:01:09 UTC from web
      • Have the best remix of Radical Highway ever. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is. Truly a work of perfection. !sonic

        Friday, 25-Nov-11 02:48:33 UTC from web
        • !Eeyup, placed the Pony Poster next to the !Sonic Colors Poster in my room :3

          Thursday, 24-Nov-11 02:54:12 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • Still working on getting 100% on Sonic Generations, I need all but 2 achievements now, Can't Touch This and (Hedge)Hogging it All Up. Then I've got them all! I have my doubts that I'll ever get "Can't Touch This" though, since the final boss battle is horrible in terms of its controls. all that's holding me back from (Hedge)Hogging It All Up though is a single song (Stardust Speedway) which I have no idea how to unlock. ^^; !sonic !vgp

          Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 21:32:50 UTC from web
          • WOW I'm finally at the final boss of !Sonic Generations # , and my hand is very sore from playing # for 7 hours and try to complete the game ASAP !vgp

            Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 07:34:18 UTC from web
          • * Still playing !Sonic Generations # * :3 , I wish I can barge into # and tell them it was great since I live near # of America but , I'm pretty sure I can't do that D:

            Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 05:45:16 UTC from web
            • Hey # I'm back :D , I just got !Sonic Generations # today :3 and playing it now just got through Mushroom Hill ^^

              Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 01:49:58 UTC from web
              • Just got the "Big Bang" achievment on Sonic Generations for S Ranking all acts, I thought that included challenges so that was a pleasant surprise! I only need the (Hedge)Hogging It All Up, Can't Touch This and Time Attacker achievments, and I've 1ked the game for gamerscore. ^^ All I need for the collection one is one single song as well. How I unlock it I have no idea however. ^^; !sonic !vgp

                Tuesday, 22-Nov-11 19:58:03 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • !sonic !vgp !crush40

                Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:05:30 UTC from web
                • Working on getting 100% on Sonic Generations, and I'm confused, I've done all the challenge acts for the stages, yet I don't have the achievment for doing all challenges with Sonic's friends. It also says I have two stages left to complete, I know one is the final boss on Hard friggin' clue what the other one could be :S !vgp !sonic

                  Sunday, 20-Nov-11 03:10:35 UTC from web
                • Hit up the Big Bang achievement on Sonic Generations. Classic's stages used to be a pain, but honestly? I'm really starting to enjoy them as I did Sonic 2 or 3 now. !sonic

                  Friday, 18-Nov-11 17:35:34 UTC from web
                • New video uploaded, Sonic Generations Review (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC) !sonic !vgp

                  Thursday, 17-Nov-11 22:58:47 UTC from web
                • Since I can't start editing it until tomorrow, may as well share the written version of my Sonic Generations review. !sonic !vgp

                  Thursday, 17-Nov-11 03:32:09 UTC from web
                • I didn't realize that the bosses in Sonic Generations all had a Hard Mode, those must be the last challenges I have to do at this point. Oh god, the Super Sonic Boss Battle on Hard Mode is going to be a nightmare, with how badly it controls...I expect to lose patience quickly. !sonic !vgp

                  Wednesday, 16-Nov-11 13:46:00 UTC from web
                • Hearing the Neo Green Hill Zone theme in Sonic Generations has made me want to play Sonic Advance again, got it just before my 11th birthday...good times. !vgp !sonic

                  Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 20:46:44 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • Planet Wisp is easily my least favourite level in Sonic Generations, especially the Modern version, there's no indicator for how long to charge up the orange wisp for, and I keep on losing it, I can't remember it being so hard to use in Colours, I really can't. !sonic !vgp

                  Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 15:29:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • Okay, scrap that thing where I said I wouldn't talk about Sonic games on here. About to play some more Sonic Generations, still aiming to beat all of the challenge missions. Still loving the heck out of this game and I don't give a CRAP what anyone else has to say about it, I think it's awesome and if you disagree that's fine. !sonic !vgp

                    Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 15:17:16 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • Did anypony else here find Shadow the hedgehog to be an awesome game? or am I the only one? !sonic

                    Monday, 14-Nov-11 23:16:02 UTC from web
                  • Every other hour or so this turns into !sonic the hedgehog network!!!!!!!!!

                    Monday, 14-Nov-11 22:52:08 UTC from web
                  • Hey Everyone! You got a group just for when I visit Equestria? Way past cool! !sonic

                    Monday, 14-Nov-11 05:11:37 UTC from web
                    • With all this sonic talk we need @redenchilada in here

                      Saturday, 12-Nov-11 20:36:33 UTC from web
                    • You know how a few days back I was ranting about messing up with the Sonic Generations Collector's Edition that I'd pre ordered back in September on the Xbox 360, they'd had to refund me and I bought one on Ebay on PS3 for nearly double the price (but it was still cheaper than any others on there)'ll never guess what ended up at my PS3 one and with a refund given. !vgp !sonic

                      Saturday, 12-Nov-11 16:09:50 UTC from MuSTArDroid