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Sonic the Hedgehog Fans

Sonic the Hedgehog Fans

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For Sonic the Hedgehog fans who happen to be fans of My Little Pony as well. Long live the blue blur! (But were we talking about Sonic or Rainbow Dash?)

Sonic the Hedgehog Fans (sonic) group


  1. !sonic Assh***s, no one told me about this

    Tuesday, 10-Sep-13 01:41:17 UTC from web
    • ...Oh god. !Sonic Lost World is a modern do-over of Sonic Xtreme's concepts. Yes please.

      Tuesday, 28-May-13 22:53:55 UTC from web
      • !sonicfans -> please refer to !sonic

        Wednesday, 20-Mar-13 02:27:42 UTC from web
      • Filler text.

        Sunday, 27-Jan-13 02:23:17 UTC from web
      • By the way, I'm currently number 13 on Route 101's Steam leaderboards, and discounting the three hackers at the top that puts me in the top ten of everyone who's played that version so far. !sonic

        Monday, 03-Dec-12 23:46:25 UTC from web
      • The Steam port of SA2 is overall pretty good but I wish they didn't rely on Vsync to keep the framerate. It means I have to bump Fraps up to 60fps (which is really slow) or the game will default to half speed, and people with 120hz monitors run the game twice as fast. 2P mode also had weird slowdown issues that randomly came and went with no correlation to anything (except that sometimes a Sonic wind would make the game go full-speed for a while). !gottagofast

        Sunday, 02-Dec-12 17:10:47 UTC from web
        • I am bad at the Sonic. :c !gottagofast

          Friday, 30-Nov-12 00:18:53 UTC from web
        • I got a C on Lost Colony M4 and I don't have any extra time to dawdle since I finished with less than ten seconds left. I think my route needs work. !sonic #

          Monday, 26-Nov-12 03:44:36 UTC from web
          • !sonic Hey, someone with the SA2HD rerelease try this out. /cc @abigpony

            Wednesday, 14-Nov-12 23:27:35 UTC from web
          • !sonic Hello?

            Saturday, 10-Nov-12 21:01:32 UTC from web
          • Hey guys. !sonic

            Thursday, 01-Nov-12 03:54:50 UTC from web
          • Here we go, Cannon's Core! !sonic

            Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 00:09:03 UTC from StatusNet Android
          • I have amassed 20 lives trying to clear Final Chase without being hit. Curse you, Shadow, and not having a bounce attack. !sonic

            Monday, 29-Oct-12 23:39:55 UTC from StatusNet Android
          • This is totally relevant to the !sonic group's interests

            Saturday, 27-Oct-12 02:09:59 UTC from web
          • !sonic Look at him abuse those physics quirks and bugs.

            Monday, 22-Oct-12 00:55:33 UTC from web
          • Guys. It's !Sonic the Fighters on PSN and XBLA. And Honey has been dug out of the source and made playable. And there are rumors of online play being added. I want this.

            Sunday, 21-Oct-12 21:19:13 UTC from web
          • hey can a fellow mod make me group admin of !sonic since the current admin isn't around any more

            Sunday, 21-Oct-12 19:36:51 UTC from web
          • (And if anyone asks, I prefer the US soundtrack to SCD over the EU/JP soundtrack. Except for Wacky Workbench. !sonic)

            Sunday, 07-Oct-12 00:44:43 UTC from web
            • Hey guys, !Sonic Generations is available for ten bucks for the next 27 hours. Just in case you were interested.

              Saturday, 14-Jul-12 01:08:16 UTC from web
            • Get in here, we're gonna watch the !Sonic movie maybe.

              Monday, 09-Jul-12 22:49:42 UTC from web
              • Also, reminder to the !sonic fans, 21st anniversary today.

                Saturday, 23-Jun-12 14:31:32 UTC from web
              • I leave you with !sonic and Pipsqueak wearing a hoodie (because hoodies are best clothing).

                Friday, 08-Jun-12 22:23:36 UTC from web
              • Guess what I'm playing again~ !sonic

                Tuesday, 22-May-12 17:09:07 UTC from StatusNet Android
              • S4E2 has really fun multiplayer. I did notice it carries over the save data from the single-player save file. Also, the HUD marked the red button as the respawn button when it's actually the green button ^_^ !sonic

                Friday, 04-May-12 01:33:49 UTC from web
                • !sonic !vgp Welp, since I am an idiot (read: have no qualms with piracy), I've played through quite a bit of Sonic 4 Episode 2. Feels soooo much nicer to control than Episode 1, I love it~

                  Thursday, 03-May-12 06:13:36 UTC from web
                • Guys. !sonic

                  Thursday, 03-May-12 01:35:15 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • S4E2 is really fun from the two acts I've played so far! The physics (my one complaint with E1) have certainly been fixed in E2, and the level design is certainly fun! !sonic

                    Tuesday, 01-May-12 22:40:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • Really excited for Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (I believe that's its title) though I have no doubt Diddy Kong Racing fans are crying "RIP OFF!" Left right and center. It happened to the original and it'll happen to this. The original was far superior to Mario Kart Wii (which was one of my least favourite entires in that series) in fact it was my favourite non Mario Kart kart racer besides Crash Team Racing, and I'm sure this'll be great as well. !vgp !sonic

                    Tuesday, 01-May-12 17:38:42 UTC from web
                  • Replaying Planet Wisp as Classic Sonic on the PS3 version of Sonic Generations...god I forgot just how tedious this stage is x.x !vgp !sonic

                    Wednesday, 25-Apr-12 22:32:54 UTC from web
                  • !Sonic 4 Ep II Zone 3 Act 2's BGM sounds like those scene music pieces where everyone is being an idiot THIS IS GLORIOUS

                    Monday, 23-Apr-12 17:49:59 UTC from web