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Spiral Knights Players

Spiral Knights Players

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The Garrison, East Haven

The official-unofficial RDN group of people who may or may not spend way too much money on a free-to-play MMO. Ask a group admin for an invite to the Rainbow Dash Network guild if you're interested!

We have a guild recipe shop! Contact Toksyuryel if you'd like to make a purchase. Limit one of each recipe per member (the purpose of this is so you don't have to hunt them down yourself, NOT so you can make money reselling them).
Current stock: 2x Polaris (25k), 4x Avenger (10k), 2x Dark Thorn Blade (10k), 1x Dark Thorn Shield (10k), 2x Virulent Catalyzer (10k), 1x Kilowatt Pulsar (4k)

Spiral Knights Players (spiralknights) group


  1. !SpiralKnights The new update has started, who is ready to run mindlessly through the clockworks without the fear of losing mist?

    Tuesday, 30-Jul-13 19:41:01 UTC from web
    • More !sk with Toksy. Because it's decent.

      Friday, 17-May-13 07:17:57 UTC from web
      • Played some !sk with Toksy. Haven't for a while, was nice to get back into it a bit, even if I was still stressing about my performance a bit

        Wednesday, 15-May-13 05:45:20 UTC from web
        • Does anyone here still play !spiralknights at all?

          Friday, 05-Apr-13 03:40:30 UTC from web
        • Well I'm gonna play some !SpiralKnights I think, need to get crowns for CE to get my last 5 star item.

          Tuesday, 26-Feb-13 05:18:35 UTC from web
          • !SK And so we barely escape the FSC in one piece!

            Friday, 22-Feb-13 04:37:04 UTC from web
            • !SpiralKnights anyone up for some boss runs or a Ghost In The Machine run?

              Friday, 22-Feb-13 02:04:55 UTC from web
            • @snowcone I'm sitting at the outbox not even sure if I should actually send this link

              Friday, 15-Feb-13 09:41:42 UTC from web
            • !SpiralKnights So, I'm wondering, what item should I get with these pages first, a hood or the special item needed to get the higher ranked hoods?

              Wednesday, 13-Feb-13 08:55:19 UTC from web
              • !SpiralKnights anyone up for a tier 3 Black Kat hunt?

                Sunday, 10-Feb-13 07:47:37 UTC from web
                • Good evening everyone, I thought I'd stop by to see what's going on before going an playing some !SpiralKnights .

                  Sunday, 10-Feb-13 07:16:48 UTC from web
                • @snowcone Oh, yeah, !SK is pretty fun... better with friends though :D

                  Thursday, 07-Feb-13 23:26:25 UTC from web
                • One of you give me something entertaining to do. I am too lazy to find my own entertainment and am thus commanding you guys to do it for me with no benefit to you.

                  Friday, 25-Jan-13 10:52:20 UTC from web
                • Hey @redenchilada you should join me and @neurario in !SK tonight. We will be playing soon!

                  Sunday, 20-Jan-13 02:47:01 UTC from web
                • This is the last time it will be today. I hope you make the most of it.

                  Saturday, 19-Jan-13 21:05:16 UTC from web
                • !SpiralKnights Our Guild Hall is *awesome* now.

                  Sunday, 13-Jan-13 21:09:23 UTC from web
                  • @redenchilada Hey, you. What's the secret to getting inot games on Team Frotass?

                    Monday, 07-Jan-13 19:04:58 UTC from web
                  • Well, seeing as i have nothing to do but watch NerdCubed... Whats up everypony?!

                    Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 03:33:31 UTC from web
                  • !SpiralKnights So this happened

                    Wednesday, 26-Dec-12 13:13:04 UTC from web
                  • !spiralknights You guys should give me all your stuff because you love me.

                    Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 22:53:49 UTC from web
                    • !spiralknights About to play. Anyone feel like joining me for the royal jelly?

                      Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 22:08:23 UTC from web
                      • Reached 5* gear, thanks to @Toksyuryel @bitshift :D !sk

                        Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 03:38:56 UTC from web
                      • Too many birthdays today.

                        Thursday, 13-Dec-12 12:45:17 UTC from web
                      • @jojoax Do you think you'll ever come back to !SK someday?

                        Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 13:36:14 UTC from web
                      • !sk Well, it was fun getting murdered in the Firestorm Citadel for the first time, but the pay from it was good! Might have to start doing it some more when I have better gear.

                        Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 09:10:03 UTC from web
                        • For the first time since a few days after I started playing, I have exactly zero CE !SK

                          Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 05:49:31 UTC from web
                          • @Toksyuryel Just upgraded the armor component with yesterday's !SK earnings :)

                            Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 01:16:54 UTC from api
                          • @thatonestocking You should briefly poke onto !SK just to check out our new guild hall, then go play Spacechem.

                            Monday, 03-Dec-12 23:34:02 UTC from web
                          • Anyone up for some !SK?

                            Thursday, 29-Nov-12 22:19:20 UTC from web
                          • @greyscale I haven't seen you in !SK in a while ☹

                            Wednesday, 28-Nov-12 21:02:53 UTC from web