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The TF2 Modding Bronies

The TF2 Modding Bronies

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We are the people who put our heads togeather to make a better (and much more Poni) experience for you Team Fortress 2.

The TF2 Modding Bronies (tf2bronies) group


  1. Posting from my DSi. Sitting at the mall, taking a short break from filling out job apps. Seems like most of the people I used to fallow no longer post hehe. :( I've been thinking of reviving !tf2bronies but I don't really make many pony mods any more. Let me hear your thoughts! :)

    Monday, 12-Sep-11 16:15:09 UTC from web
    • !tf2 Well, this was one way to spend my birthday

      Sunday, 15-May-11 23:23:34 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    • !tf2 Holy crap, did I make a new mod?

      Friday, 13-May-11 20:03:16 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      • !tf2 So, I've been screweing around with the Replay feature today. All I can say is that it sucks whole heartedly, and it's for one reason. There isn't a single server in the would that will allow me to record a replay. Even the ones that have the Film icon won't let me record. Thanks Valve for adding even more bloat to this game, useless bloat at that.

        Friday, 06-May-11 15:01:54 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • !tf2 # 100% genuien dragon leather: Only the best for Derpy

          Friday, 22-Apr-11 17:19:25 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • !tf2 # New skin project. Derpy's Sleeper: yes, those are Fluttershy's fethers, I've sniped many a medic in my time *evil grin*

            Friday, 22-Apr-11 16:40:18 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            • !tf2 # Twilight's Last Gleaming is finished. I'm going to link you to my post on ponychan because there are some instruction there on how to make it work. Enjoy

              Thursday, 21-Apr-11 22:08:47 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            • !tf2 # Finished the scope and stock, need to do the barel, the trigger assembely, and the bracers. I call it, Twilight's Last Gleaming.

              Thursday, 21-Apr-11 20:08:41 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              • !tf2 # Working on a new texture. I'm riskinning this custom model: This guy made an awesome sniper rifel, I'm just pony-fiy-ing it.

                Thursday, 21-Apr-11 17:25:19 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                • !tf2 # The Day Breaker is done... or as done as I'm willing to make it today.

                  Monday, 18-Apr-11 23:23:33 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                • !tf2 # Lots of stuff getting done today, here is a Red team version of The Night's Blade, The Day Breaker I need ideas for what to do for the blood version, got any?

                  Monday, 18-Apr-11 22:10:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • !tf2 # The Night's Blade is done for anybody that wants it. FOR THOSE OF US THAT LOVE OUR @moonprincess!

                    Monday, 18-Apr-11 20:06:35 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                    • !tf2 # More progress! I also reskinned the bloody version, it's not bloody anymore, it just glows... kinda.

                      Monday, 18-Apr-11 19:37:51 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      • !tf2 # Here's a peak at my newest project, The Night's Edge:

                        Monday, 18-Apr-11 18:56:15 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                        • !tf2 # BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just opend up the texture for the blood coverd Katana to find this:

                          Monday, 18-Apr-11 18:27:01 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                          • !tf2 In a bold move, today Valve has released a Team Fortress 2 update that doesn't contain any hats.

                            Friday, 15-Apr-11 13:02:36 UTC from web
                          • !tf2 # (the press enter to post thing is getting on my nerves...) ANYWAY, If you read the description of the update, YOU WILL SEE (possible) PONY REFERENCES! I like to think that out efforts as Bronie modders has had some sort of impact on the folks at VALVe. Pat yourselves on the back friends, today is a good day.

                            Friday, 15-Apr-11 02:36:28 UTC from web
                          • !tf2 # Ok guys, listen up. VALVe is just released the "Hatless Update" this update seems to be one of the biggest updates since the Engi update. The full list of changes can be found here:

                            Friday, 15-Apr-11 02:32:48 UTC from web
                            • !tf2 # anybody else been having problems playing TF2 with skins? it seems no matter what serve I join, it's always sv_pure 2 after it changes maps.

                              Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 02:40:34 UTC from web
                              • !tf2 ok, I'm running late. Here is the pack of sounds. Make sure you read the read me, it's all pretty self explanatory.

                                Sunday, 10-Apr-11 17:24:05 UTC from web
                                • !tf2 Ok, since I over slept again, I didn't have time for any skinning work today, but I will have a handful of audio mods up within the hour.

                                  Sunday, 10-Apr-11 16:59:51 UTC from web
                                  • oh i got a mail! it reads: "Sure thing! Have at it. As long as it's not for commercial use and you credit me as the original creator it's all fine and dandy to me. " New skin in a few minutes! !tf2

                                    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 15:20:08 UTC from web
                                  • I guess it's time to play Pony Fortress 2. Hope someone's gonna be on the pony server at this hour. !tf2

                                    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 10:08:08 UTC from web
                                  • !tf2 Sorry guys, I didn't get anything done today. I just woke up in one of the worst moods and it's pretty much been an uphill battle all day from there. I promise I'll get some kind of update up tomorrow... right before I leave for the party. Until then, I need to just get into a better mood.

                                    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 00:02:51 UTC from web
                                  • lookie lookie the highlander is done !tf2

                                    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 21:16:05 UTC from web
                                  • sigh... still no mail... !tf2

                                    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 10:58:37 UTC from web
                                    • !tf2 Well, I found out the Frontier Justice is team colored, so now I need to work out a Blu variant. But for now, let me introduce you to the first working of The Red'n Vicious. (hurr hurrrrr, I made a funny)

                                      Saturday, 09-Apr-11 00:30:41 UTC from web
                                    • !tf2 Alright everybody, I've been putting it off for a long time now, but it's time to start working on Applejack's Frontier Justice. I think I have a good idea of what I want it to look like. One of these days, I'm going to buckle down and teach myself some 3d modeling so I can actually make stuff, instead of reskinning.

                                      Friday, 08-Apr-11 23:51:53 UTC from web
                                    • # all my favorite serves in tf2 are ether full of jerks, or just plain full right now. Need to do something... !tf2, any skin ideas?

                                      Friday, 08-Apr-11 20:53:58 UTC from web
                                      • !tf2 The Rainbow Crasher looks good ingame, but my screenshots were derping pretty hard, so no ingame shots. Linky link-a link-a link:

                                        Friday, 08-Apr-11 18:44:43 UTC from web