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Brothers in Fruitposts

Brothers in Fruitposts

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For those who like once in a while to drive-by Potato Knishespost

Brothers in Fruitposts (thebrothers) group


  1. Remember !brothers?

    Friday, 10-Mar-17 23:14:20 UTC from web
  2. !BiS Something in my ear drum ate my waly toad finger hole

    Tuesday, 01-Sep-15 00:25:49 UTC from web
  3. !BiS that is Awl

    Monday, 14-Dec-15 03:00:09 UTC from web
    • !BiS

      Monday, 14-Dec-15 02:59:50 UTC from web
      • I feel like we need to take more time to appreciate my lactate joke

        Monday, 23-Nov-15 18:51:59 UTC from web
      • !BiS
        We moos

        Tuesday, 03-Nov-15 21:03:52 UTC from web
        • Funny thing is, !BiS is one letter from [REDACTED]

          Thursday, 01-Oct-15 03:27:43 UTC from web
          • I'm convinced Metal is secretly dril

            Thursday, 01-Oct-15 03:17:29 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • !BiS
            Shot in my ass, I lost my Intestinal Gas.

            Sunday, 20-Sep-15 00:30:53 UTC from web
            • !bis What would even do wonder on to carrot top instead you eat fish?

              Sunday, 23-Aug-15 02:11:07 UTC from web
            • Hacker, he barely knows her! !bis

              Wednesday, 09-Sep-15 20:18:27 UTC from web
            • One from North Mississippi I actually rather like.

              Tuesday, 08-Sep-15 23:02:27 UTC from web
            • !BiS Shhhhhhhhhiiiiia Boooop

              Sunday, 06-Sep-15 17:34:27 UTC from web
              • Hey @rarity what Elder Scrolls game is ur avatar from

                Friday, 04-Sep-15 02:29:11 UTC from web
              • !BiS Fart Fetsih

                Sunday, 30-Aug-15 02:39:02 UTC from web
              • !BiS
                CapitanMargarita 1 year ago
                This must be what really goes on in the mind of rush limbaugh.

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                Calcifer the Fire Demon 1 year ago
                something goes on in there?

                Bananaman 1 year ago
                You two just won the entire freaking internet.

                Calcifer the Fire Demon 1 year ago
                +Bananaman I want the half with the cat pictures and tentacle hentai.

                CapitanMargarita 1 year ago
                +Calcifer the Fire Demon Give me birds with arms and the lesbians and we have a deal.

                Bananaman 1 year ago
                You two have yourselves a deal.

                Gyro Zeppeli 1 year ago
                +Bananaman whoah we can't give him all the tenticals, how about half the tenticals and we'll throw in ITunes

                Calcifer the Fire Demon 1 year ago
                I tunes sucks! I'll trade half the tentacles for filmcow and Oneyng.

                Saturday, 29-Aug-15 17:19:34 UTC from web

                  Saturday, 29-Aug-15 05:47:49 UTC from web
                  • @awlelwa @metaltao @northernnawhal let's form a band. the blues !brothers

                    Friday, 28-Aug-15 23:57:29 UTC from web
                  • !Bis exual

                    Thursday, 27-Aug-15 23:04:15 UTC from web
                    • !BiS StarShine hell In Babies on fourth of July today when Jenny is Leaf!

                      Thursday, 27-Aug-15 02:22:08 UTC from web
                      • !BiS I stick my steel in Brotherhoods

                        Monday, 24-Aug-15 03:51:27 UTC from web
                      • !bis look guys it's a batpony lo

                        Thursday, 27-Aug-15 01:47:14 UTC from web
                      • !brothers new group for brothers in Fluffle Puffposting

                        Sunday, 23-Aug-15 02:07:54 UTC from web