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  1. Blue sky. I, a nameless pony dozing on a scratchy bale somewhere in the vicinity of Ponyville, I can't think of anything I'd rather do. Big, immeasurable clouds. The red autumn trees poke out of my peripheral vision on the right. This is what I have missed. Being here with my friends. I remember the time we stopped Nightmare Moon.

    Sunday, 27-Sep-15 10:03:34 UTC from web
    • On the board is a drawing of a beast. A beast operating under magical laws as yet undiscovered. Now, since this is your first class in the gifted unicorns’ academy, let me tell you, there will be a recurring theme this year. The theme is: discovery. Although unicorn magic has sprung forward in recent years, our understanding of it is trifling. The uncharted regions outnumber the charted ones, as it were. !weirdeq

      Saturday, 29-Aug-15 19:41:48 UTC from web
      • For all of pony history, the 5th day of the year has shown an unexplainable red sky. Canterlot wizards have investigated the phenomenon with all branches of magic and science. No revelations have been made. But, we do know that conjuration spells fail on this day. !weirdeq

        Friday, 28-Aug-15 13:01:55 UTC from web
        • West of Equestria, deep in the thorny woods, a mile-wide fortress (no doors, no windows) full of super-spies who forgot their missions. !weirdeq

          Thursday, 27-Aug-15 15:10:29 UTC from web
          • Rarity couldn’t bring herself to look at the dress. What had she created? There were too many triangles, no, too many folded edges. Something was wrong, and the way it inhabited the shop’s darkest corner... !weirdeq

            Thursday, 27-Aug-15 00:04:09 UTC from web
            • As the sleek stone temple emerged from the clouds, a primordial instinct overtook us. We had to kneel and bow - it wasn't a choice. I learned how weak ponies really were. !weirdeq

              Wednesday, 26-Aug-15 13:09:20 UTC from web
              • Its inky wings were long as lightning, folded over the sky like hands over a crystal ball. !weirdeq

                Friday, 21-Aug-15 14:48:26 UTC from web
              • One night, Sweetie Belle saw a trail of green lights floating through town. She wanted to chase them. She ached to chase them. She didn’t though, because she was scared out of her skin. (revised) !weirdeq

                Friday, 21-Aug-15 04:36:17 UTC from web
              • Upon setting hoof in the forest, my mind was pressed by the weight of some insubstantial creature. I felt watched by something just outside my vision. Behind that bush with the broken branch. Or in the ancient canopy of that tree. When I arrived safe in Fillydelphia, that evening, I made sure to book a coach for the return trip. I didn’t want to walk another step in that forest. !weirdeq

                Tuesday, 18-Aug-15 00:46:21 UTC from web
              • # fhtagn, ia ia!

                Sunday, 16-Aug-15 15:38:01 UTC from MuSTArDroid
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                • @scribus A phrase used by H. P. Hoofcraft and his contemporaries. Old Canterlot wizards wrote far stranger things — in crooked dialects and untaught orthographies. There was one winter where my professor carried one such unholy tome wherever he went. His eyes began to sag and he was often caught smuggling frogs into his lab. He recovered the following spring, but we're still afraid to look him straight on. !weirdeq

                  Sunday, 16-Aug-15 16:13:21 UTC in context
              • The Cakes do good, but I always like to get me a five-layer red cake off Old Hat. Don’t know what’s in it. I get one about once a week and end up asleep, but it's ok. I wake up in the old barn down the road. Now, problems considered, them cakes are the best, taste like strawberry a little. !weirdeq

                Sunday, 16-Aug-15 05:10:16 UTC from web
                • Applejack never told us where the excess cider went. It wasn’t important, since she gave us all four cups each. But Pinkie is relentless, always insists that they fed the rest to “the big swallowing thing in the cellar.” !weirdeq

                  Friday, 14-Aug-15 08:45:31 UTC from web
                  • A glacier larger than Canterlot sailed by. It was pretty far away, but we all had wonderful dreams that night. In the morning we told stories about coral kingdoms and seaponies. Our imaginations were on fire. !weirdeq

                    Tuesday, 11-Aug-15 01:44:51 UTC from web
                    • We found nothing in Cheerilee’s school & house. !weirdeq

                      Thursday, 30-Jul-15 09:11:01 UTC from web
                      • Diamond Dogs are known for two things: their appetite for gems and the frantic, incomprehensible whispers that escape their tunnels at night. !weirdeq

                        Thursday, 02-Jul-15 08:08:00 UTC from web
                        • Something slides and gibbers in the unlit catacombs beneath Sweet Apple Acres. !weirdeq

                          Tuesday, 30-Jun-15 02:49:26 UTC from web
                          • The Crystal Empire digging expedition was abandoned after a drowning accident. !weirdeq

                            Monday, 29-Jun-15 02:23:05 UTC from web
                            • RDN sits atop an endless ocean of grape juice. A ripple is seen on the surface. !weirdeq

                              Sunday, 28-Jun-15 10:16:54 UTC from web
                            • A unicorn scholar once wrote: “The Rainbow Bridge materializes in seemingly random locations at unpredictable intervals. Ponies have tried climbing it, but invariably fall once the bridge disappears.” !weirdeq

                              Tuesday, 23-Jun-15 01:11:31 UTC from web
                            • In front of a tunnel in the Canterlot crystal cavern: "Beware, unexplored." !weirdeq

                              Sunday, 21-Jun-15 21:39:48 UTC from web
                            • The instruments of changeling musicians are strange even to the musicians themselves. !weirdeq

                              Sunday, 21-Jun-15 13:37:01 UTC from web
                            • The sky opened its infectious maw from horizon to horizon. Nopony else could see it, or hear its evil breathing, but it was there. Twilight fell and covered her eyes. !weirdeq

                              Saturday, 20-Jun-15 01:08:18 UTC from web