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  1. LB the dating website for ppl who love to hate

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    • LB that's it we're done there's no more good domain names left

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      • Al museo reina sofia no se ha de ir nunca en fin de semana. Se tiran todo el día con una cola rollo (incluso a la hora de comer). Mejor entre semana.

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        • "rw"
          "the airport"

          "Destination accepted."

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          • Ukraine: OSZE-Beobachter durch Mine getötet –

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          • Not in real life.

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          • "Anyone can say 'no'. It is the first word a child learns and often the
            first word he speaks. It is a cheap word because it requires no
            explanation, and many men and women have acquired a reputation for
            intelligence who know only this word and have used it in place of
            thought on every occasion."
            -- Chuck Jones (Warner Bros. animation director.)

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          • @z411 
            >DMs are the same type of object as notices


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          • a tokamak reactor that uses jello instead of super-heated plasma

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            • from hell's heart i toot at thee; for karma's sake i hashtag my last meme at thee

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              • rw best girl

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              • If you're a pilot please don't do adopt the sleep schedules of GNU social developers

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              • This bathroom is playing soundalikes of Persona 3 OST and Seinfeld Mashedup

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              • If you reply to this post, you'll get a kiss in 24 hours. If you don't reply, you'll never be kissed.

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              • @linuxsocist officially secular but very conservative

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                • #

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                • Los/las windows users recordarán la sensación de hacer un click y ... BAM !!!

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                • Got Salmon decoding and verification working... Weird standard!

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                • rodham dissipates into the pzn instance ohnoooo

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                • @demoakracia en argentina creo que minas tiene otro significado. Be careful ! ((Y jugar al solitario tambien)

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                  • What if @lebronjames75 and @shpuld are the same person?

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                    • I'll look into it

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                      • mmaybe. i turned the number down earlier when I was having db problems...

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                        • I sell nude photos of myself to fund my health care.

                          If the nude photos part of that statement is what bothers you, and not the fact that it's something I have to do to continue living, it's best you don't talk to me.

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                        • @CountZero I was born here, but Norway's ethnic composition is more complex than it appears from the outside. There are at least 3 peoples, of Norse/Germanic, Finnish/Baltic and Sami/Lappish stock. Being from the northern part of the country, there are many people of Finnish and Sami heritage in my family tree, with a few people of Norse heritage mixed in there.

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                          • @CountZero In my family, three languages are spoken: Norwegian, Sami and Finnish. The non-Germanic peoples of Norway faced oppression not unlike that of the Native Americans, but without the violent conflict. Even as late as the 1980s, being a Sami wasn't an asset, so my parents, having no desire to embrace their heritage, decided to not teach me their mother tongues.

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                          • @CountZero My father's mother tongue was Finnish, my mother's was Sami. My father can speak some Sami. They were both fluent in Norwegian, having picked it up from school and Norwegian speakers in the area. My father also speaks German and English, meaning he's fluent in 5 languages.

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                        • Wasn't browser-choice monopoly-abusing shenanigans the *exact same thing* that Microsoft can be trusted.

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                        • Drink more gasoline.

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                          • no, just ever writing anything in production

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