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  1. Friends and I made a game jam game https://hastilyassembled.itch.io/mmc You are a hacker and need to type in codes, however the keyboard is fully randomized. As the time runs out and the codes get longer you will hack like a hacker from a stereotypical hacker movie. This runs in a HTML 5 browser with WebGL support.

    about 2 days ago from web
  2. The latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode has dropped the balls.

    about 4 days ago from web
  3. It's kind of neat that Sethisto and EQD are still around after all this time.

    about 6 days ago from web
  4. Isn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar a little old to be starring in a Buffy revival

    about 7 days ago from web
  5. *not actually for real this time, he hasn’t filed any of the paperwork and he’s straight-up too late to get onto the ballot in some states.

    about 9 days ago from web
  6. @6gain Haiku, eh? Let me try…
    civil unrest there
    chieftain's terms reset in here
    quite a pickle

    about 11 days ago from loadaverage.org
    • George Soros created covid-19 so that Donald Trump would get blamed for it so that Hillary Clinton would be elected President so that Obama can reign supreme as America’s emperor, and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is there to distract Bernie Sanders and now Hillary Clinton is able to move on in the presidential campaign unimpeded.

      about 12 days ago from web
    • it’s been brought to my attention that this very embarrassing incident from my past has been made public. words cannot express how sorry I am to anyone I hurt http://rainbowdash.net/url/875557

      about 14 days ago from web
    • I'm not even sure some of these changes are "problems" and not more like "just an obvious place to maybe recast for a start," really?

      about 15 days ago from web
    • are the Golden Girls dead in-universe or are they like all the other Disney heroines who live forever in a floating timeline

      about 15 days ago from web
    • was about to joke about how like 50% of Always Sunny will get thanos'd but i googled it and how are netflix only removing a single episode lmaoo

      about 15 days ago from web
    • I know that they're pulling an episode of Community for implied blackface, and without even reading into it I know the exact scene they're talking about and I sincerely do not believe that a single person with any stake in societal progression watched that scene and thought it was actually a problem

      about 16 days ago from web
      • @tiff Similarly, I’m pretty sure pulling an episode of Golden Girls is not especially high on BlackLivesMatters’ priority list.

        about 15 days ago in context
      • @mrmattimation I dunno how far exactly I'd go to defend these sorts of jokes but pretty much every example I can think of is pretty obviously a subversive criticism *of* blackface. Obviously I am not the person who can/should decide if that makes it more okay, but I feel like removing these scenes is stifling discussions of anti-racism if anything. Like just put the disclaimer in front like WB and Disney or whatever

        about 15 days ago in context
    • in the mood to chase someone off the site again, quick someone say something headass

      about 16 days ago from web
      • @tiff apu wasn’t really that big of a problem

        about 16 days ago in context
      • @mrmattimation I would prefer it for future reference if POC actors got to voice POC characters, especially in the current industry where they aren't getting the same treatment or opportunities as white people; but I absolutely agree that this current wave of networks removing TV episodes with instances of racism and actors conveniently regretting voicing POC roles all of a sudden is largely posturing in the absence of actual willingness to, you know, hire and support and pay POC. I also don't think it's a particularly far reach to suggest that companies are just pretending this is what activists are asking for as some sort of psyop, since it will most likely push the needle back in their favour (i.e. still not hiring, supporting and paying POC)

        about 16 days ago in context
    • People keep telling me there’s actual logic behind The Simpsons’ production codes but I know they’re just as confused as I am. Only a maniac would label the first production season “7G”.

      about 17 days ago from web
    • I gotta say, blocking would-be constituents is a really great way to keep losing elections.

      about 17 days ago from web
      • @mrmattimation The rep for Corona keeps blocking constituents on Twitter, I've heard it's unconstitutional

        about 17 days ago in context
      • @scribus iirc the ruling was that government accounts (which includes Trump’s personal account, due to some records act that encompasses both his and Obama’s Twitter history) are public forums and therefore cannot block people, but PRIVATE political accounts are not. IE, the state party can block users because the party is not affiliated with the government, and “campaign accounts” (which most Reps tend to use instead of their office accounts) can do so as well.

        about 17 days ago in context
      • @mrmattimation I see. I figure, screw twitter anyway. The internet needs a cleansing fire. One day, the impure will be destroyed. One day, the Users will return. # heh

        about 17 days ago in context
    • @lnxw48a1 Well, don't think of -18°C or +38°C as those limit temperatures then.
      As you said, those are approximate numbers, so it's just circular logic to say that round Fahrenheit degrees are more round than the corresponding degrees Celsius. Just round degrees Celsius then, to -20°C and +40°C. Which do have symmetry as well.
      But it's not like running naked in wind with -10°C is safe, so the margin of error is way too big either way.
      As a counterargument I can say that 0°C being the point of water freezing (under "normal" conditions) is useful in daily lives too, as it affects weather, reliability of ice, all that kind of stuff.

      about 18 days ago from loadaverage.org
      • 800 pages left and I have finished reading all of the Inu Yasha manga. Roundabout 10300 pages for the whole thing.

        about 18 days ago from web
        • @adiwan Thank god Tolkien didn't live to work in the medium. Then again, maybe "The Hobbit" would justify three movies...

          about 18 days ago in context
        • @scribus The Hobbit is a short book but it compresses time a lot and a lot and things are not very well told because they come somewhat out of nowhere. 3 movies is a bit much, I can agree that 2 would be very fine.
          Reading Inu Yasha to the end was easier than Lord of the Rings. I HATE all those lengthy scenic descriptions in LOTR and my brain fades out too quickly to get past them. LOTR would work a lot better as a comic because those would be held to a brief instance and not minutes and multiple pages. To be frank: Inu Yasha has also big pacing issues. It could have been easily cut in half without losing too much of its substance. Towards the end it got DBZ-like when it comes to stretching the content and delay the inevitable.

          about 18 days ago in context
      • Cops were called on one of my employees today. He’s autistic, so he makes a lot of noises when he’s alone and somebody heard and thought he was arguing with someone. Cops showed up, immediately decided the black kid was the reason they were here instead of trying to ask questions. Fortunately we were able to explain the situation before it got out of hand but god damn that cherryes me off.

        about 20 days ago from web
      • watching all these 1930s Mickey Mouse shorts in HD feels wrong somehow

        about 21 days ago from web
      • Got a beanbag for free. My department is moving and there is no space for that at the new location.

        about 22 days ago from web
      • Downtime was because the server had a SSD that failed. No data from LoadAverage was on that SSD, but the hypervisor OS was, so that made things dicey. Sorry for the fuss. There will be a hopefully short downtime sometime in the future to remove the failed drive. A replacement is already in place.

        Why the drive failed is unknown, it seemed rather out of the blue, but as far as we can tell, the controller just upped and went. It won't even SMART test.

        about 23 days ago from loadaverage.org
      • Not sure if things have changed since the Disney acquisition.

        about 23 days ago from web
      • love that the bar is so low now that “Trump is capable of holding a glass above his head” is apparently a big papayaing deal

        about a month ago from web
      • Ok just puked, drunkenness is officially overrated

        about a month ago from web
      • @chimo Well, yea, just as a specific tool to plug some issues of the time travel concept.
        It could be seen as "creating new timelines" while travelling, while also not actually creating anything, just throwing out of synch.

        about a month ago from loadaverage.org
        • Is there a name for people who are basically terfs but instead they hate gay men because they think male homosexuality is the result of misogyny? I seem to recall knowing someone like that in high school.

          about a month ago from web
        • > I always think it's funny that people don't specify.
          @musicman @lnxw48a1 And then this happens: https://bugs.debian.org/915209 :-).

          about a month ago from loadaverage.org
          • > the 90s were definitely cooler than most recent years.
            @musicman @lnxw48a1 Is this a climate change discussion?

            about a month ago from loadaverage.org
            • > so you better be supporting Black Lives Matter
              @waifu I don't know enough about everything that happens under that name, and it's not really up to anyone specifically I guess. So I wouldn't expect you to sign up for it all, and I hope you don't expect that from me (the notice's a bit ambiguous).
              But I think we can all agree on that police brutality is a thing, black people's lives do matter and George Floyd should've been alive today.
              As far as I know, that's the idea.

              about a month ago from loadaverage.org
              • @waifu@nulled.red Well, I wouldn't really expect someone from the US to prioritise issues in Hungary over local or international (one can argue it is international by being systemic though).
                But intentionally inventing offensive connotations to words to then fight them is so Don Quixote I can't find any good reason for this no matter how hard I try.
                I stumbled upon this video: https://youtu.be/igtLqhX4BCA, that argues the word "marijuana" is offensive, and even it makes a better point.
                It's like people are so unsure what is and isn't offensive they will use their personal judgement no more – if someone on the Internet says it is then it is.
                I've seen so much interesting logic around the Putin's upcoming reset. Seeing even more level-headed reasoning is making me anxious.

                about a month ago from loadaverage.org